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Ubisoft Forward 2022 today (12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm UK)


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Ubisoft Forward will bring you updates on upcoming games like Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope and Skull and Bones, as well as a special Assassin’s Creed showcase offering a peek at the future of the franchise. For even more updates, be sure to catch our pre-show starting at 8:35pm CEST / 11:35am PT for news on the latest seasons, characters, and content from your favorite live games, like Brawlhalla, For Honor, The Crew 2, Anno 1800, and more.


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For the first time in many years I'm actually excited to see the next Assassin's Creed.

All this talk about going back to their roots, a more condensed game, trimming fat, and the game being most similar to AC Unity got me pumped.

And those rumors about an AC 1 remake? Oof, yes please.
For the first time in many years I'm actually never going to play any Assassin's Creed game ever again.

AC 1 remake? Off, yeah I'm not an idiot who keeps buying and supporting lazy remakes instead of creating new original ideas.
With you on this one, that franchise is creatively bankrupt at this point.
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I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
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I've tried AC Black Flag, Odyssey and Valhalla. Ended up not liking any of them, despite putting several hours into them. I think I enjoyed Valhalla most because of the Norse setting. AC is just not for me. And that's really all Ubisoft got nowadays.


An increasingly Chinese owned publisher who only makes their PC games available on their own store and one that is even more Chinese owned, percentagewise? What's not to like?

Also, remember the second commandment of NO MA'AM: It's wrong to be French.
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any chance of an update on the Splinter Cell remake thats in the work?
When they announced it was basically to say they started to work on it and to announce job offers for the project. So I assume it may be too early to show it.


Nah...I may be interested to know what the deal with this new AC will be, but this still not worth my time watching. Rather wait until everything is announced.


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Niggle, I'm pretty excited about AC new stuff and back to roots sounds cool. At the very least some cool CGI lol.

Ubisoft is same as EA, bad bad and just bad

I only see milk milk milk, nothing new, and a lot of less so i dont expect much

I love milk! Just not in large quantities... and preferably chocolate or strawberry flavoured.


Excited for the future of AC, especially if it goes back to the roots.

Mirage has rumours that it's just 1 big City with Unity like parkour back and a 20 hour main story.

If that's true, count me in. I would much rather a focused story about an Assassin than the bloated mess that was Odyssey and Valhalla.

I don't even mind the RPG stuff but those games were so big for the sake of being big.
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I'm going to be optimistic and hope for a good show today. Sounds like it might draw me back into the Assassins Guild if the rumors and talk around a return to form are true. Anything will be better than that Disney showcase yesterday that served up a crusty white dog turd that's been in the sun too long.

I do hope they have a surprise or two, like the long rumored Far Cry Vaas game (Older/Main Villain) or a peak at their Star Wars game.

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It’s called forward and they present old AC?
Ubisoft livestream shows have always been called Ubisoft Forward because they are talking about their future titles. They are presenting other titles other than AC games including games like Mario Rabbis 2 and Skull & Bones.

If you are this dense to understand such a simple concept and using an AC1 Remake as a way to be funny and witty, then you need to seek some help.
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I wonder if we’ll get the AC1 remake, I’d easily play that for old times sake. I just hope it’s just a little bit more than a straight up remake because I remember the actual assassination part being pretty lackluster compared to AC2


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Man I love Ubisoft Poon... uh I mean Pune... you know the new Indian Studio? Thats what I meant. The guy's not bad either.


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mario + rabbids look amazing. day 1 for sure
Jeez, this game is beautiful.
Day 1.

Super agreed. Its amazing how close it gets to a first party Mario game in terms of charm.

I literally didn't get that into the first one because the 30fps camera movement was so crazily stuttery, I couldn't hack it and I normally don't have an issue with 99% of games at 30fps (visually, some games need 60fps for other reasons) and thats on an especially smeary TV panel. I can't imagine how stuttery it was on a fast response time panel/OLED.


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Having recently played the first Mario + Rabbids, there are so many improvements to the graphics and gameplay. It's unbelievable.
Music is great as always.
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I remember when this man cried about Miyamoto being at the reveal event, glad to see it did well enough to warrant a sequel. He seems like a nice and passionate man.
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