UltraAVX vs IMAX

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I'm yet to see a movie in UltraAVX so I cant compare it with IMAX. Wondering if people who've been to both can comment which one they prefer and why? I couldnt find the technical specs for UltraAVX ...


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My brther told me about this, but we didn't know it was called UltraAVX. They have a row of D-BOX (also Canadian) seats in the theater. We're going to see the Expendibles there (the Queensway theater).

I didn't know about the huge screen.
the rocker seats alone make me want to see Inception there. I wish I had a REAL IMAX near me and not the fake bullshit
The reserved seating part is also funny, every theatre in India even the real cheap ones have reserved seating (tickets with seat numbers) .. Wish the same system would be followed here, I hate lining up for hours.
Lkr said:
the rocker seats alone make me want to see Inception there. I wish I had a REAL IMAX near me and not the fake bullshit
The IMAX I go to is one of the only two to have "butt-kicker" speakers in every seat. It completely amplifies the bass and shakes you to your very core. It's incredible for explosions and action scenes! I remember the tree getting blown up in Avatar was EPIC with those seats. Also, the Tron Legacy trailer is(and probably Tron Legacy will be) incredible because of them as well.
megateto said:
Wai, wait... reserved sitting is not a standard in the States?
For movies nope. Might be different at stand alone IMAX joints, but even the IMAX in the theater here is first come first serve. Fucking sucks too because I always end up fending off the endless onslaught of people trying to take seats that late ass friends will be sitting in.


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megateto said:
Wai, wait... reserved sitting is not a standard in the States?
Arclight baby

Edit: It's still considered very rude to talk during a showing, and it's still pretty rare. I just snap my fingers at whoever's doing it and they usually shut up.

Cheering is also rare, unless it happens to be a campy movie. (Seeing Snakes on a Plane at midnight was one of the best moviegoing experiences of my life.)
Jeez, between that and the stories I read here about people cheering and talking while watching a film I'm not really sure I'd enjoy the experience.

I only go to reserved sitting showings, and if by some strange reason I don't find centred seats and in my preferred rows, I simply leave and return another day XD.
I saw Inception in both IMAX and UltraAVX, so I guess I can give a fair comparison. The theatres were Cross Iron's UltraAVX and Chinook's IMAX.

Screen: I don't know what the aspect ratio of AVX is, but like IMAX, it fills up the entire field of vision and has more vertical space than a normal screen. That being said, it's not as tall as the IMAX screen (nor as large, but not by much). As to which one looks better, I honestly couldn't pick one; the picture was crystal clear on both.

Sound: the sound system is where things get really interesting between the two. I guess everyone knows IMAX is loud and extremely detailed. From my experience, the sound in AVX was not as clear (though still excellent), but what it lacks in clarity it makes up for in sheer power. The theatre literally shook whenever there was an explosion or gun shot or reverberation. It was really, really, really loud, MUCH louder than IMAX. I honestly left the theatre a bit shaken, but I loved it.

Other: the seats in AVX are indeed better than that of the average theatre and Chinook's IMAX, but I wouldn't say they're extravagant or anything exceedingly special. Reserved seating is a fucking relief though; I don't mind lining up, but it's really comfortable to just calmly walk into the auditorium and have the seats pre-chosen. Another thing, UltraAVX is $1 cheaper (15.99 I think it was, versus IMAX's 16.99; both prices are pre-tax).

In my opinion, it's a toss-up between the two. If the movie was shot using IMAX cameras, then the choice is obviously IMAX. Alternatively, I think UltraAVX is using RealD technology, so if the movie is in 3D I'd probably end up choosing AVX (I thought the 3D effect in Avatar was better in RealD than in IMAX3D). For most movies though, I'll honestly just end up choosing whichever location is more convenient.
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