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Vietnamese skincare company "Medcare" choose interesting logo to plagiarise

Itchy Itchy Scott came. Ugly face so killed him. Tasty.




Their site.

(Just so people aren't confused by the Persona-related replies in this thread, I initially accidentally typed "Medjed" instead of "Medcare". Thanks to the mod who edited it.)
Now I'm bummed there's no medical company with that name. OP, to the gallows with you for item conversion.
Okay, fine, you get a pass. This time.


I didn't expect that.

I should probably turn in my gamer card for asking, but this Resident Evil related?
Yep. Umbrella was a huge multi-national medical corporation that secretly experimented on viruses in huge underground labs. While trying to make enhanced soldiers (bio-organic weapons) it went a bit wrong and zombies happened. But also tyrants and all sorts of other things.
Google translated from their Facebook page:

Currently on the media have appeared some information about the incident relating to the logo of the clinic Medcare coincides with the logo of the Umbrella Corporation - a company Biotech Pharmaceutical fictional titles Evil and Revident horror movie of the same name, which in Vietnam is known as the Land data made public concern. In this regard, Medcare Clinic is pleased to announce to your partners, customers that our company is also surprised about the t This creepy. The logo design of Medcare unit's partner implementation and beyond our own expertise. So, we have received feedback from the media and was learning, internal processing to official information sent to You in the shortest time. In the course of processing information, we hope you can understand about this. Any questions, contributions you please respond to us at the mailbox: dieutridalieu@medcare.com.vn
Currently, some media coverage of the logo's involvement with the Medcare logo coincides with the Umbrella logo, which is a fictional pharmaceutical biotech company in the game. Revident Evil horror and the film of the same name, which in Vietnam is known as the Earth Dat that make public interest. In this regard, Medcare Clinic would like to inform our partners, Customers of the company that we are also very surprised about this coincidence. The logo design of the Medcare partner unit is made outside of our main expertise. Therefore, we have received feedback from the media and are investigating, internal processing to have the official information sent to you as soon as possible. In the process of processing information, we are looking forward to you understanding this matter. Any questions, donations Please reply to us by mail: dieutridalieu@medcare.com.vn

The pics on their site make it look 100% like viral marketing for a Resident Evil title though.


The chance that you become wesker or joke is so small, that it isn't worth it.

The other children spenser had couldn't even be wesker, that was the whole plot of Revelations 2.

I don't need to be Wesker. A Tyrant, or hell, even a Licker will do.
Ignoring the plagiarization for a bit, why the heck is a medical center has a grimy-stylized logo like some kind of an entertainment company.
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