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Visual Novels Community Thread | A Little Something for Everyone


So I am playing a recent new VN named "Dead Wishes".

I liked the game for the variety it have. Base the selections you do you can reach 12 different routes.
Obviously all these routes have a common connection to each other.

I have only one "negative" for this game.
If you reach a point to meet this character and you have a feeling you will start his route, do yourself a favor and do his route LAST.
Without getting into spoilers, "someone" asked me while I am playing the things will get worst...

So I decided "fuck this. I need a long break."

It was one of the few times I actively hated a character so much.

And don't worry, this above isn't a spoiler, from your first encounter you see how a big shit he is...
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Oh nice, a whole thread for VNs!

I've never played it but 428 looks cool. The graphics remind me a lot of Banshee's Last Cry. I kinda enjoyed that game a little, so it 428 worth getting?


I recently finished reading House in Fata Morgana, and this was a pretty great experience. Definitely one of the best VNs I have read.

The atmosphere is fantastic, supported by really good artworks and soundtrack.

The story of course was well written and interesting, even if it takes around 10/12 hours before things start coming together. But you do need to build your story if you want to achieve great things. This is a bit similar to Steins Gate as far as pacing and length are concerned.

I can't recommend enough reading this VN. It was a pleasure being able to do this on Vita. Too bad that this console won't have all the next VNs to be released in the future, it is really the best form factor for me.
What people think of Clannad ? I'm reading it now and it's really great read if you want something light hearted (and yes I watched anime so I know it get's complicated later)
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