Walking Dead Season 1 headed over to PS4?

If they planned on future support they needed to do this IMO. I still never finished this on my ipad, would double dip to have on PS4.
They've mentioned other 'new' platforms would receive ports when they announced the Vita port, so this wouldn't be surprising.

Not sure if I'll dip in again though. Corrupted saves from the 360 version kept me from finishing, while the Vita port was fairly slow for a non-taxing title.
That box art is the GOTY Edition boxart found on PC/360/PS3 but with a PS4 banner on it. $30 Seems... I dunno, expensive? Given the fact that you can get it for $20 on those other platforms.

Still haven't played any of Season 2 yet as I was hoping that they'd release it for PS4 eventually and have a way to migrate choices made in S1 on PS3. If this is the first step toward a proper Season 2 release on PS4, then I'm down... though I hope they haven't given up on the idea of choices carrying over from the PS3.
Well, this raises a problem. I'll probably get a PS4 at some point next year and it would be nice to play a definitive edition, but the Vita version is on sale right now for less than 7 euros and I kind of want to give this game a try...

Decisions, decisions.
Not sure who this port is for, as it's available on almost every platform already.
It went on sale multiple times too on XBL.
Would play all over again if there's a dry spell, but not for three $10 bills.