War for Nosgoth (Legacy of Kain) in AMD Drivers; "Nosgoth" in Steam DB [Psyonix Dev?]

Apr 11, 2008


So this composer recently worked on a title "Nosgoth" for Square Enix and development outsourcing firm Psyonix (can't imagine they are a lead dev on a AAA).

First development,

Entirely spotted by Corlagon over at the Eidos forums.

Short version - in AMD's latest Crossfire Application Profile, there are references to multiple upcoming games in the files. There are multiple references to Nosgoth and War of Nosgoth:

Nosgoth is the world in which the Legacy of Kain games (I've heard of them) takes place.

Second development

Originally spotted by ArjanN on GAF, is this:

The image is from SteamDB.info, a website that catalogues updates to the Steam database. The NOSGOTH image is part of the Steam Database.

The shape behind the NOSGOTH text is the symbol that adorns the Pillars of Nosgoth:

Third Development

From months ago of course:

Square Enix registered a web domain called War for Nosgoth.

What does it mean?

Something is happening. That it has Steam entries and references in AMD's latest drivers would suggest something far far sooner than I'd have anticipated. If this was the big Legacy of Kain sequel that fans had been waiting for - one needing years in development and lots of PR - I doubt we'd be seeing references in drivers and on Steam this early.

Could War for Nosgoth be some sort of upcoming PC game, not an "AAA" title but something akin to a F2P MMO or the like?

Not optimistic by this information. Hope I'm wrong.
Aug 31, 2010
I'm gusseing it's a first person freemium MMO . It is always best to expect the worst with Square Enix.

I'm secretly hoping Obsidian are working on this.
Mar 21, 2010
Wouldn't be excited even if it was a full sequel. So much of my love for the Legacy of Kain series is tied to the writing of it, something that I do not trust them to be able to live up to. Especially since someone like Amy Hennig hasn't worked there for ages.

So yeah. Kinda would rather it be some shitty f2p game or what not instead of them trying to make a sequel or reboot it. Let this series rest in peace.

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halo 3 was in amd driver at one point earlier so i dont have much hope
Apr 11, 2008
I'm definitely in agreement that this sounds like an online MMO, or Free to Play, or something internet based.

If they game is being referenced in drivers and on Steam, then a release is upcoming. If this was the single-player AAA exploration/fighter/adventure that we have been waiting ten years for - then there would be a long-term PR campaign - announcements, previews, etc - before it ever got to this stage.

I'm curious about this project - but not optimistic.
Aug 30, 2010
I am against a LOK MMO. I want remakes for Soul Reaver 1 and 2 and Definance. And a sequel to defiance. Also through in a Blood Omen remake too; 1 and 2 damnit. Give it!


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Jan 5, 2008
What if it's a game like Viking where you play as Kain rounding up vampires, doing quests and shit and participate in huge battles??
Oct 19, 2011
I'd put my money on a guardian of light style game. A low budget, low price, digital only title to test the waters. And GoL already has Kain and Raziel in it.


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May 8, 2006
Don't be so negative you guys... Maybe it's not a F2P MOBA game, but instead a resource management game or something.

You know, like Farmville!

Optimism~ ^_^