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Watch out, Xbone fans: KINECT can see your penis!


Dunno if the lense is big enough for my Xbone.

Typically, the bigger a lens is the more "zoom" it has (I know that's not always true, but for the sake of simplicity, and in general, it is). If you're worried the Kinect lens isn't big enough then well... you're pretty much admitting to not being very fortunate below your waist area...

Data West

coaches in the WNBA
If it's small, it'll automatically set the game's difficulty to expert level, so you have something to brag about.


Tin foil hat a plenty here...

That 'Dong' just looks like folds in the guys Jeans to me.

EDIT - But I will add, if Kinect does indeed see my penis, Twitch live streams is gonna get VERY interesting on the XOne!


If it can see a penis it can see other... Things...

*Invites [female] housemates in to see my me Kinect* muahahahahaha ....


I have nothing to hide!

Err, I mean, I have both substantial length and girth, therefore I have nothing to be ashamed about.
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