Well, add Sega of America Customer Support to the "duh" list

Hello guys and gals!

If you have been following the last few PS store update threads on NeoGAF, I'm sure you've seen my posts asking about a wrong price listed on Sega's official blog versus the one listed on PSN itself. After 3 weeks, I was contacted by Sega Customer Service, who pledged to help out. A few hours ago, (now that the sale is over), I received an answer that just made me:

Request #36601
PSN store item not on sale as listed (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Collection PSP)


December 22, 2012 12:44

Hello, and happy holidays!

A few fellow gamers and I noticed that on the SEGA blog site (and other new sites), your company has the digital version of Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Collection on sale on the North American PSN Store for $5 or $3.50 if you are a Playstation Plus member. As of this writing, the game is listed on the store for $9.99. I understand it is the holidays, but it would be awesome if the experts at SEGA can fix this so we can purchase the title at the correct price.

Thanks for your time.

Sega of America

Have you spoken to Sony about this issue of the Sega Mega Drive Collection for the PSP not showing up within the PSN store? This price should be good till Jan. 8th when the sale is over. Get back to me before then and let me know what they say to you and I will try and see what may be going. However, this should be the price as this was listed on our Blog site (http://blogs.sega.com/2012/12/19/sega-holiday-sale/).


Sega Support

January 04, 2013 15:44

Hello again.

Actually, yes. I (as well as many other Sega fans) have tried to
contact SCEA. I personally have been asking the official Playstation
Blog for the last 2 weeks. It has gotten to the point that they have
been even erasing my posts, thinking that they are spams.

If you check your comments page on the Sega blog, it turns out that I'm
not the only one having this problem..


To be honest, we didn't know if this was a mistake or error (since the
site lists it as "Mega Drive Collection" versus "Genesis Collection"
considering its an US store sale), but I'm glad to hear that it's the
right title.

As of this writing, PSN still lists the Genesis Collection at 9.99. I
appreciate any effort to get this title to the correct price. I still
really wish to purchase it.

Thanks again for your time

January 05, 2013 13:45

Sega of America

So what I found out was that there apparently was a clerical error in the naming of the collection and it was supposed to be the Genesis Collection as opposed to the Mega Drive Collection. Were very sorry that you had to experience this issue and utter inconvenience. We hope that this does not happen in our future sales.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and also thanks for letting us know about this situation with the name issue.


Sega Support

January 08, 2013 18:16


This doesn't answer my question. Despite listing the title under the wrong name, (Mega Drive/Genesis Collection, etc), the problem that myself (and other blog users had) is that the game was under the wrong PRICE! Your blog quoted the game as $5 for normal users, and $3.50 for Plus users. For all 3 weeks of the sale, the game was stuck at the price point of $10, regardless of the numerous messages left by myself and other users on both Sega Blog and PS Blog only to be ignored for 3 weeks. My question, is that what is Sega and/or Sony going to do to make up for this? Are we fans going to be allowed to buy the game at the promised price? Thanks for your time.

January 08, 2013 21:13 (above was my last response, after this, the agent tried closing the ticket, saying the problem was fixed)

So, instead of apologizing for the wrong price, or even making an effort to fix it, they say sorry for using the European name of the game in their ad.
The fuck?

TL;DR: Sega had offered Genesis Collection PSP discounted. For a 3 week sale, never marked it down. Blamed SCEA. Sony ignores it. Sega apologizes for calling it the wrong title. Closes ticket, saying issue closed. DUH!
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cut em some slack
This sounds like a PSN issue and nothing to do with Sega.
Right... but it's an issue that SEGA should have contacted Sony to fix instead of telling their customers to do it themselves.
True on both counts. As listed above, the PS Blog people (Morgan and Grace) have either ignored it (too busy fighting with people bitching about Plus) or even deleted my posts. (one minute they're awaiting moderation, the next, gone...)

The sad thing(s) is/are that

1. I actually already have the physical UMD. I just wanted a digital version to play on vita
2. I'm not the only one bitching about this:
There's at least 8 more complaints there.
3. This isn't the only thing Sega/Sony fucked up. There was supposed to be a Sonic 4 bundle on sale that never appeared...


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When it comes to PSN, it seems like they try to pass the buck off to other companies and vice versa.

On today's Store update on the blog,
we get this answer

+ idDobie on January 8th, 2013 at 3:14 pm said:

Make Patapon 3 work on my vita already >.<

That or explain to me why it will never happen. Lack of updates on Vita/psp compatibility make me make angry face D=

+ Kristine Steimer on January 8th, 2013 at 4:16 pm said:

Pata pata pata pon, pata pata pon! Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you on this I just love Patapon as well and wanted to say that :) But maybe try bugging the developer?
So on the one hand, it sounds like Sony isn't even actively trying to get more backwards compatibility from third parties. On the other hand, it's not even a third party in this case, Pataon was a Sony (Japan) game.
I would've thought SEGA's Customer Support would be something like the 1-800 numbers on the back of pickle jars. Glad to hear it doesn't disappoint.
When it comes to PSN, it seems like they try to pass the buck off to other companies and vice versa.

On today's Store update on the blog,
we get this answer

So on the one hand, it sounds like Sony isn't even actively trying to get more backwards compatibility from third parties. On the other hand, it's not even a third party in this case, Pataon was a Sony (Japan) game.
Yeah, but this is inexcusable on both sides. Theres a big difference between saying, "Hey, we fucked up. Sorry, let's fix it." versus "Let's play the blame game.". The only difference here is that at least Sega admitted that there was a problem instead of ignoring it like SCEA

EDIT - just double checked, SCEA ignored me again; at least they didn't delete it this time:
Well, today's answer:

Your request (#36601) has been updated:

Segavision, Jan 09 14:08 (PST):
So to clarify this, this is why we are trying to see that this doesn't happen again and we are trying to make sure that when this goes on sale again, this goes up for sale at the price listed for the specific game listed. If Sony makes an error on there side, this would be something they would need to correct and we nor I cannot speak for what they will, or can do about that. If we give them the correct information they need to make sure that the information is put up on their site correctly.
I would encourage you to speak directly to their Customer Support about this as we have no handling over what they can or cannot do regarding their site.
KC Support

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You guys called it...
lol...This is something that Sega just isn't pushing on their end with Sony. Even if the error was made by Sony when posting the meta-data text it's up to Sega to push Sony to correct it. The CS rep saying to check with Sony either doesn't know the process or is passing the buck. The PSN store data is publisher driven, not Sony.
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I honestly don't recall having a problem finding him. It's been a while since I got that far though so maybe I'm forgetting something. The only time I remember getting anywhere near stuck was searching for Hapsby.

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