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What are your top 10 Capcom games?


Apr 13, 2013
Inspired by ScrewAttack's
video for their top 10 Capcom games, what are your top 10 Capcom games? Clover and Zelda games are allowed!

As for me:

10.Resident Evil 4 (GC/PS2/Wii/iOS/PS3/360/WiiU) - While I'm not a big fan of shooters, RE4 manages to grab me and keep me hooked for the entirety of its campaign. It managed to feel new while also keeping that classic Capcom feel. Still not Mikami's best game though.
Number 3 behind Vanquish and another game in this list.

9. Mega Man Battle Network 3 (GBA/WiiU) - The game that got me into Capcom in general. I must have played through this endlessly in my childhood. The Style Change from 2 was perfected and improved the gameplay immensely. None of the other MMBN games following this came close (though 6 was decent).

8. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (DS/iOS) - Another great Takumi game. An engrossing story, endearing characters, and a great premise. Also, one of the most insane plot twists ever.

7. Devil May Cry 3 (PS2/PS3/360/PC) - While I'm not a fan of its enemy encounters, its evolution of DMC's combat system deserves praise on its own. The Style system is probably one of the greatest mechanics in an action game. Allowing you to be literally invincible if one wishes to master it. Adding the fact that it's not afraid to kick you in the balls with its boss fights, which allows for a great challenge. And it has Vergil. Motherfucking Vergil.

6. Mega Man X - (SNES/GC/PS2/iOS/Wii/WiiU) - The GOAT Mega Man game. Best level design, best boss fights, and best goddamned soundtrack. The sequels managed to fall completely flat. The only one that holds a candle to X is X4.

5. Okami (PS2/Wii/PS3) - One might think that it would be wrong for the creator of DMC and Bayonetta to actually make a game that's mellow. But Kamiya knocks it out of the park in just one attempt. An absolutely beautiful world that still looks great even 10 years later, an amazing storyline with a finale that will bring you to tears, and an absolutely incredible soundtrack.

4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations (GBA/DS/3DS/iOS/Wii) - The biggest reason why it hurts that Capcom refuses to bring over The Great Ace Attorney. While AA5 is great, it just didn't capture the magic that Takumi's AA games brought. Best finale in any story based game.

3. Devil May Cry (PS2/PS3/360) - In my opinion, still the best DMC. One thing that I still think that DMC trumps its sequels on is its enemy and boss encounters. While it is obvious that its gameplay is fairly dated, one must think about the context. DMC released almost 15 years ago and still manages to make every single enemy encounter feel significant. Even the regular enemies feel like boss fights. I can't say the same for its sequels (though 3 & 4's gameplay is top notch).

2. God Hand (PS2/PS3) - Definitely Mikami's best game. A game that never takes itself seriously and is clear sign that the devs had an absolute blast making this game. A game that actually punishes you for playing well as a sign for you to never get cocky. And it has some of the best Goddamned boss fights ever.

1. Viewtiful Joe (GC/PS2) - What does it take for a game to be considered "Viewtiful"? Is it amazing gameplay? Is it unforgettable boss fights? Does it need to ooze style? There is such a game that fits that criteria and that my friends, is Viewtiful Joe.

Honorable Mentions:
x.x - Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS3/360/PC) - Having finished it yet, but I'm having a blast with it.
x.x - The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBC/3DS) - Same as Dragon's Dogma.
x.x - Mega Man 3 - Would actually be on the list if the finale was as great as the rest of the game. Great soundtrack though.

And you guys? Please, feel free to be descriptive.


Purple Drazi
Dec 14, 2014
Mattoon, Illinois
I'll participate, but my list is going to be lulzy. The only Capcom series I've really gotten into is Mega Man. And even then I've missed a ton of titles.

10. Mega Man 3
09. Mega Man X5
08. Mega Man Zero
07. Mega Man 2
06. Mega Man Zero 2
05. Mega Man X3
04. Mega Man Zero 4
03. Mega Man Zero 3
02. Mega Man X4
01. Mega Man X



Feb 6, 2011
10. Aca attorney 1
9. Viewtiful joe
8. Mega man x
7. Mega man 9
6. Mega man 10
5. Mega man zx
4. Mega man zero 3
3. Mega man 4
2. Mega man zx advent
1. Mega man x4

Yeah, capcom is mainly Mega Man for me
Feb 18, 2013
Resident Evil REmake
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil 4
Street Fighter II
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
Dead Rising
Dead Rising 3
Devil May Cry 3
Dragon's Dogma
Mar 3, 2011
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 9
Mega Man 10
Mega Man X
Resident Evil 4
Viewtiful Joe
Street Fighter II Turbo
U.N. Squadron


Jun 23, 2010
Where da CPS1-3 arcade game in these posts?
Our love is over.

My top 10 list?
Everything, limiting to 10 is limiting one's vision and appreciation of something.
I'm just too lazy to list a top 10 really :v, but Capcom rank among my top 10 game devs at least


Does his best thinking in the flying car
Oct 7, 2014
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil Revelations 2
Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil Outbreak File 2
Resident Evil Outbreak File 1
Mega Man X
Dragon's Dogma

Honorable Mention: Street Fighter 2, spent a whole summer playing it at a grocery store


Jun 10, 2015

Dragons Dogma

Final Fight

Zak and Wiki

Super Ghouls and Ghosts

Megaman 2.

Dino Crisis

Marvel vs Capcom

Super Street fighter 2


Resident Evil

In no particular order,but Capcom was/is fantastic when on form so its damn tough doing a top 10


Jan 5, 2008
Man, Capcom is such a great developer when they aren't shitting the bed. Gonna have to think hard about this one.


Jun 10, 2012
1. Resident Evil 2
2. Marvel Vs Capcom 2
3. Resident Evil Remake
4. Strider
5. Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
6. Devil May Cry 2
7. Dino Crisis
8. Resident Evil 4
9. Okami
10. Ghouls and Ghosts


Sep 9, 2012
Resident Evil Remake, 2) Resident Evil 4, 3)Street Fighter Third Strike, 4) Megaman X4, 5) Devil May Cry 3, 5) Viewtiful Joe, 6) Súper Puzzle Fighter II, 7) Okami, 8) Ghost n' Goblin, 9) Marvel vs capcom 2, 10) The Punisher Arcade Game


Mar 5, 2014
I feel like nominating one game only because i'm a hipster

Asuras Wrath
That's CyberConnect, Capcpom only published that one.

Anyway, for me, I'd get stuck deciding the first game, because between DMC3, 4 and God Hand, I just can't say which one is the best. It's like Capcpom made the best action game of all time... 3 times =P


Aug 23, 2014
Manila, Philippines
10) Super Street Fighter II Turbo
9) Resident Evil 2
8) Street Fighter EX2
7) Phoenix Wright Trilogy
6) Mega Man Legends
5) Ultra Street Fighter IV
4) Rockman 3
3) Street Fighter III: Third Strike
2) Resident Evil 4
1) Capcom VS SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001

Edit: Swapped out Alpha 2 Gold for PWAA. Huge fan!


Jan 1, 2011
Shameless reuse of content from a thread last year...
That's a loaded question right there, they've got the kind of catalogue where I could do a top ten without using the same franchise twice...
So yeah let's do that.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Featuring the greatest inner monologue in gaming as well as the most cathartic finger pointing.
Still can't believe this series went down with me as well as it did, on paper I was wondering why such a thing existed.

Ultra Street Fighter 4

Apparently I can enjoy fighting games, SF4 will always have my thanks for revealing this truth to me after years of being made to play mediocre Mortal Kombat games of the PS2 era made me believe otherwise.

Resident Evil 4
Quick summary...
"Un forastero!"
"Lord Saddler..."

And it was grand, also cramming a big ol' fish into your case.
Hang on, do the ones with popped heads get to mutter "lord Saddler"? probably not.

Mega Man 9
Best Classic Mega Man with the best weapons, best music, best stages and ultimately the best refinement of a series with many a similar entry, well after all this time I should hope so.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
4 Ultimate should probably take this place but the third gen monster lineup and map areas appeal to me more right now.
Somehow makes me willingly participate in brawling for 15-20 minutes against a monster well over ten times until the silly drop rates finally cave in and let me complete that swanky new armour.
The progression curve I love to hate.

Ghost Trick
That twist man, that wonderful twist.

Asura's Wrath
Lots of yelling, grunting, howling and whatever else the thesaurus can help describe the oh so vast range of Asura himself.
Shallow but oddly compelling in a batshit crazy kind of way.

Gargoyle's Quest 2
Secretly high tier NES game from the ever under appreciated G&G spinoff series. Maybe Demon's Crest is better but something about the simplicity of this one just worked more for me.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
AKA: The game no one in our multiplayer circle wants to play because one of our friends dominates it completely, I may win 1 out of 20 matches, bonus points for me if I somehow pull it off with Phoenix Wright.

Resident Evil (REmake)
I'm not breaking my own one game per franchise rule, it's like a totally different series to that Resi 4 thing up there, what if I call it Biohazard? what if I pretend it's part of the Dino Crisis lineage? what if I just say screw it I'm listing it anyway because filling slot 10 is driving me mad with indecision?

Bubbling Under
Shadow of Rome
Sengoku Basara 3 (hey, it's a hoot in multiplayer)
Okami (when Issun finally shuts his yap at least)
Darkstalker's rad character design

Now to figure out what Capcom classics I should play next.


May 8, 2013
1. Mega Man 2
2. Resident Evil 4
3. Street Fighter 2
4. Resident Evil
5. Dragon's Dogma
6. DmC: Devil May Cry (what, FIGHT ME)
7. Mega Man X
8. Dead Rising 2
9. Devil May Cry
10. Resident Evil 2

Feel like I'm missing something, but, that's my gut-check list.

zip stick

Jun 21, 2013
Power Stone 2 - Superb 4 player party game. Up there with bomberman and micro machines for me.
Dead Rising - Being able to cross dress and twat zombies with combinations of weapons. What other game allows you to do that?
Viewtiful Joe - Cracking art style.
Street Fighter II - The daddy. That blanka stage music OOOOO oo OOOOO.
Resident Evil 4 - Take resident evil and add more action and massive bosses.
Final Fight - Cracking side on beatemup. Always play this each year along with Streets of Rage 2.
Ghouls'n Ghosts - an absolute cnut of a game but you still want to keep playing.
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Its all about the lovely explosions and giant bosses. Shame the series went downhill.
Resident Evil - the original , those bloody dogs... those bloody controls.
Devil May Cry - Take resident evil and add beatemup and shooting mechanics.

Special mentions:
Rival Schools - Cracking tagteam beatem up
U.N. Squadron - shooty shooty.
Biohazard Code: Veronica - Outstanding graphics on the dreamcast.
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo - Best puzzle game, great idea to have characters which changed the gameplay tactics


Mar 17, 2011
Resident Evil 4
Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 3
Resident Evil 2
Onimusha 2
Dino Crisis
Viewtiful Joe
Devil May Cry 4

Never cared for their side-scrolling stuff, just primarily Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.
Dec 5, 2014
10. Resident Evil 6 (PS3/360) - Say what you want, the combat is incredible. If this game released as a stand alone Mercenaries game, it would still be worth it. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent trying to max out score on Mercs.
9. Mega Man 2 (NES) - The only action/platform game that I like. The music, the stage design (yes, even Wiley Castle) and the enemies are all very well designed here. A huge step forward from the first MM.
8. Magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy (Arcade) - I have some crazy nostalgia for this game because of the hours I would spend on it during my childhood. This game is a good grind-fest that requires some pretty tight gameplay to get to the higher levels.
7. The Punisher (Arcade) - The best 2D beat-em-up Capcom ever made. Good license, great graphics (for CPS1, even!) and an amazing polish.
6. Godhand (PS2) - Not much needs to be said. This game is fantastic.
5. Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Arcade) - The second best Street Fighter game. This one did all of the things that Alpha tried to do and did them better. It also added some pretty memorable characters from Final Fight and created the Custom Combo system.
4. Devil May Cry 3: SE (PS2/PS3/360) - Fantastic level and enemy design. The addition of Virgil in the SE version of the game is pretty cool. I'm still waiting for a new DMC game to come along and top this.
3. Dead Rising (360) - This game was an eye opener in terms of scope for me, as it was one of the first games on that console generation I owned. The number of things on screen and the ever pressing notion of time was great. Bonus points because this game takes place where I live, and on my birthday.
2. Project Justice - Capcom sure did make a lot of fighting games. This one might not be as polished as some others, but I'm a sucker for great character design and interesting gameplay. I wish they would keep this series going, or transplant some characters into Street Fighter. I mean, Kyosuke did vanish at the end of this game... right?
1. Super Street Fighter II: Turbo - The best fighting game ever made. No complicated system, no extra-wide buffers for lazy inputs, no real damage scaling. This game is still the most raw and brutal fighting game still played on a competitive level. If you can do well at Super Turbo, then you've effectively learned skills that can help carry you through any fighting game that exists today, as almost all of them take major cues from this game.

Honorable Mention:
Onimusha - This game was a treat when it came out and had a very good opening and final chapters. Great ambiance and graphics, too.
Progear - One of the rarest and best CPS2 games. Shmup fans like it and you should too...
Vampire Savior - In the same way that Super Turbo still has new strategy coming out of it, so does Vampire Savior. This game is incredibly deep and each character is so unique.
Asura's Wrath - Cheating here, as Capcom didn't make this one. Everybody who is a fan of the Shounen genre should play this game. The (DLC) ending is one of the best video game experiences I've ever played. So, so good.


Apr 15, 2010
In no specific order:

God Hand
Dragon's Dogma
Devil May Cry 3
Devil May Cry 4
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Dragon Quarter
Resident Evil 6
Resident Evil 2
Asura's Wrath
Ghost Trick

Super Macho Man

Neo Member
Nov 30, 2014
Parts Unknown
10. Super Ghouls and Ghosts
9. REMake
8. Devil May Cry 3
7. Ducktales
6. Mega Man 3
5. Marvel vs. Capcom 2
4. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
3. Okami
2. Mega Man x
1. Resident Evil 4

Honorable mentions: Demon's Crest, Gargoyle's Quest 1 & 2, Final Fight, The Disney Platformers, and Strider


Mar 11, 2012
In no particular order:

RE 2
RE 4
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 9
Street Fighter II: Turbo/Hyper Fighting
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Duck Tales
Little Nemo: The Dream Master


Nov 27, 2010
Monster Hunter 2 Dos
Monster Hunter 3
Monster Hunter 3G
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
Megaman X4
Megaman X5
Megaman Zero 2
Megaman Zero 3
Megaman ZX
Megaman ZXA


Violence Jack

Jun 20, 2013
1. Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)
2. Rival Schools: United by Fate
3. Mega Man X
4. Mega Man 2
5. Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers
6. Ducktales
7. Resident Evil 4
8. Resident Evil 2
9. Capcom vs SNK 2
10. Little Nemo


Junior, please.
Dec 17, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Mine's pretty old school overall:

Final Fight
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
The Punisher
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara
Resident Evil 1
Viewtiful Joe
Power Stone 2

Haven't played yet (for shame) but I feel like they might make my list:
God Hand
Dragon's Dogma


Smells like fresh rosebuds
Aug 8, 2007
In no particular order

Gundam: Federation vs Zeon DX
Gundam: AEUG vs Titans DX
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
Darkstalkers 3
Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Resident Evil 2
Dragon's Dogma
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2
Mega Man X

EDIT: Removed two games because I forgot Capcom did the first Gundam Vs games!!


May 7, 2006
Since I can't be arsed to do a full list with descriptions and reasons, and I don't want to just dump a list without, I'll just pimp a single game. Gargoyle's Quest for the original Gameboy is ace. Just looking at some screenshots may not show why it's not just any 2D platformer. It is one with:
  • a moveset that transforms your usual means of traversal. Since you're a gargoyle, your thing is sticking to walls. You can pretty much do this indefinitely on a smooth vertical surface. Think Mega Man X's wall climb, except you're not sliding down. You also have wings, allowing you to hover for a certain amount of time. These two combined really change levels can flow in platformers. Many of the stages can snake into any of the cardinal directions, and things like floors become optional.
  • cool upgrades that not only make you more powerful, but also complement your ability to traverse the world. See walls covered in spikes? No problem is you can barf over the spikes with goop, making them safe to touch!
  • a classic top-down RPG overworld. You go visit towns with characters to talk to and shops and all that good stuff. Everything is also themed around monsters, btw, which surprisingly not many actual RPGs use.
  • random encounters. Hold up! scroll away to the next post yet. It's not as bad as it sounds. By random encounters I mean Link's Adventure-style. Ones which boot you into a small arena with platforming and/or combat challenges. It doesn't always work well, but it was a cute idea to tie the light RPG mechanics and world to the platforming.

Gargoyle's Quest 2 for the NES and Demon's Crest (Gargoyle's Quest 3) for the SNES are also both excellent, and I consider them to be Capcom's most consistently good series. Three games and not a single dud is pretty impressive. They usually slip sooner or later once a series reaches three entries, but not here. Three games, all three are pretty different, and all worth playing.

Gargoyle's Quest 2
Secretly high tier NES game from the ever under appreciated G&G spinoff series. Maybe Demon's Crest is better but something about the simplicity of this one just worked more for me.
Ma man.


Nov 4, 2013
1-Resident Evil 4
2-Resident Evil 2
3-Devil May Cry (2001)
4-Street Fighter 3
5-X-Men vs. Street Fighter
6-Rival Schools
7-Resident Evil 5
8-Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
9-Street Fighter 4
10-Resident Evil:- Code Veronica


Jul 13, 2015
  • Dragon's Dogma
  • 1942
  • Commando
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Final Fight
  • Ghosts 'n Goblins
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
  • Viewtiful Joe
  • Okami

List isn't ordered as games from 1986 don't perhaps hold up as well as they did back then.

I haven't played enough Capcom games, somehow. I went throught the wiki list of games they published and picked the ones that jumped out at me and that I have definitely played.

Not a big fighting game fan, hence no SF though I acknowledge its quality.


May 13, 2013

1. Street Fighter alpha 2

2. Mega Man X

3. Marvel Vs Capcom 2

4. Xmen vs Street Fighter


Dec 25, 2008
Resident Evil 4
Lost Planet 2
Shadow of Rome
Monster Hunter

I know I'm forgetting stuff but those are some of my favorite games ever.


Mar 31, 2009
1) Breath of Fire 3
2) Mega Man X3 (snes)
3) Ghost Trick
4) Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney (DS /w rise from ashes)
5) Dungeons & Dragons Collection (saturn)
6) DuckTales 2
7) Breath of Fire 2
8) X-MEN Children of the Atom
9) Street Fighter Alpha 3
10) Gargoyles Quest 2

Hard choices were made here, leaving out games like Demon's Crest, Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse & the nes bionic commando pained me. No doubt about number one though. BOF3 has some of the best characterisation I've seen in a JRPG.


Dec 5, 2011
Monster Hunter 3U
Monster Hunter 4
Megaman X
Phoenix Wright
Dragon's Dogma
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Megaman 3
Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
Ghost Trick
Resident Evil 4

There are probably loads that I loved in the 80s and early 90s that I can't remember now though, they were a real benchmark of quality for me back then.

James Scott

May 24, 2014
Playing through Viewtiful Joe right now. I'd probably include it in there.
Ghost trick and the Ace Attorney games are great.
And all the game boy Zelda games as well


Jul 1, 2009
This is super tough. Capcom has one of the biggest and best catalogs of games that date back to the NES days. Mine will probably be forgetting something, but here's where I sit right now.

1. Mega Man X
2. Monster Hunter 4U
3. Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3)
4. Dragon's Dogma
5. Mega Man 2
6. Resident Evil (ReMake)
7. Breath of Fire 2
8. Devil May Cry 4 SE
9. Power Stone
10. Gargoyle's Quest 2

What an amazing collection of IPs they have. Here's the link I used to remember which games they actually own the IPs for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Capcom_games


Aug 4, 2011
1. REmake
2. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
3. Resident Evil 4
4. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
5. Killer 7
6. Viewtiful Joe
7. Okami
8. Resident Evil 2
9. Street Fighter II
10. Mega Man 2

EDIT: Am I really the first person to mention Killer 7. Seriously, guys?!


May 11, 2011
Capcom gets a lot of hate but when I look at OP's top 10 it feels to me like Capcom is the best thing ever happened to gaming. So many masterpieces.