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What do you consider "easy mode" in Souls games?

I just don’t like when i am fighting an enemy and i have full health, then i make a simple mistake and get taken down to 5% health after being hit once. Most souls games have an “easy mode” character/build. What is this going to be for Elden Ring? Some people are saying vagabond.
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I've played every Soulsborne game since the original Demon's Souls on the PS3 and 100% most of them.

For me easy mode is summoning a second player. My very first play through or at least a 100% playthrough where you gotta do new game plus to get all items, endings and quests are always solo.

Out of all the games I'd say Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is the hardest. Simoly because of the combat system and the whole parrying thing.

As for difficulty for Elden Ring after 40 or so hours well you gonna have wait to on that one for me to speak about it.

I think Bloodborne is easiest because of the life steal mechanic and the weapons in that game are kind of broken.

Dark Souls 1 was also quite challenging. Dark Souls 3 I think is very good balance difficulty wise.


I think that if they add a regenerative health option it'd be a lot easier. (Perhaps outside of combat only.)


Nothing, they need to stop being pretentious along with the fans and just add a real easy mode.
I would agree with you if these were story driven experiences, but the crux of the whole game design is risk reward. Had Demon Souls had an easy mode back when it first came out I would have likely given in to use the easy mode and would have been robbed of an amazing gaming experience. I think difficultly modes are appropriate for games where the only difference in difficulty are tankier enemies and damage output, etc. Not when it's intertwined with the overall core game design.
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Summoning other players is the true easy mode. Pretty much every area and boss becomes a joke if you summon just 1 competent player.....and you can summon up to 3.
Magic is pretty OP in most souls games too.
There's usually also really good gear that you can get early on, though you'll usually depend on Wikis to know were to get them early. For example in Dark Souls 1 you can get the Drake Sword really early, and even though it doesn't scale well later on it's extremely powerful for during the early areas of the game. Or you can get the Zweihander minutes after starting the game (or the Great Scythe which is like the Zweihander for Dex builds)
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As long as theres only an easy option iam fine with it. Make the games perfectly tuned to one difficulty setting and then just half the HP health and damage output of enemies while also cutting off how offen they use abilities and have them have the braindead expierience they want


none of these are valid.
Summoning raises boss health
lock-on is how the game is designed
Shields are crap
raising boss health doesn't changes him possible targeting other enemie all the fight.
Lock-on is optional for baddies:

Shields can save lives...
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Whatever works for you and is fun is what I would say you should use. I always like to dabble in magic but usually come back to 2h and a shit load of constitution so I can roll around and slap the shit out of things.
With Elden Ring coming out in a week, I'm seeing "easy mode" come up a lot in discussions on builds and such.

I'm new to the Souls games. I played Demon Souls a long, long time ago when it first came out, but recently played Dark Souls 3. I got very close to beating it, but decided to put it on hold so I don't experience burn out right before Elden Ring.

Before diving into Dark Souls 3, it seemed like people mostly warned me that pyromancy/magic is OP. as a result I decided to go with a 2h build. When discussing my play through on this forum, it came to my attention that people considered this build OP and easy mode as well.

I then switched to 1h sword and shield and noticed that many shields offer 100% physical damage reduction. I actually found 1h w/ shield much easier than 2h build. the shield seemed ridiculously strong and my 1h weapon had an insanely fast attack speed. When I posted about this, people responded by stating yeah that build (1h sword and shield) is OP and easy mode.

So if 2h builds, pyromancy builds and 1h weapon w/ shield builds are all OP, what exactly do people believe are fair builds?
dude you're putting way too much give a shit into what people think on forums. just play what you enjoy, what looks cool to you, and what clicks with you. Using Demon's Souls as an example. Magic builds are easier than straight knight type builds. I prefer sword and shield just because that's what i enjoy.
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Doesnt need recognition
Just press start and play. Who cares about who thinks what about whatever.

Don't let the internet poison your initial experience.

It's like asking how to experience a hot dog. You just do
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Short answer:

demons souls + souls 1-3 = magic, pure magic.

Longer answer:

These are not difficult games, I have died more in halo infinite than on souls games. They are as easy as you want to make them, or more like as difficult as you make them.

Be stupid, play stupidly = win stupid prizes.

I have only used mages on these games, so I dont know how much more difficult they are with melee/archer.

But with magic they are really easy.

No need for summons either, mage can kill almost all bosses easily, and even the "difficult" ones arent that hard.

A) add points to intelligence + attunement only until intelligence is like 50-60 and attunement 30-45
B) kill everything.
C) learn to roll around like a mofo, so you dont get hit. (no armors = easy to roll around)
D) dont run around like headless chicken, so you dont get 1 hitted.
E) use items that add magic/damage to magic etc

I played most of these without adding any points to vitality, until really late on the game, and also no armors, just some robes/rags that add something to magic. dagger for those rare situations when "mana" is empty.

Pure sorcerer mage can kill many bosses with 1-3 spells on many of these games, and normal enemies die also with few spells.

With mage, first 10-15 levels are bit difficult, but soon it gets easier and then the mage is half god, just walk around and cast monsters into oblivion.
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