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What Made Resident Evil 7 One Hell of A Game?


I like the Happy Birthday videotape. It's neat and simple puzzle almost feel like living in a horror movie.
The only complaint is the final battle. Too easy.


First 2/3s are horror perfection. Takes a nosedive after that but a full length Re7 style with a bigger house/housegrounds is what I'm hoping Re8 will be. DLC was pretty fantastic for Re7 as well.


Considering how bad RE6 was anything would have been better than that. I still prefer the 3rd person ones but for a 1st person with a new direction it was a pretty good game. I only played it in VR and I can say I truly enjoyed it.

Astral Dog

It was simply the kick in the nuts the series needed, no longer the developers trying to recreate hollywood action movies in the shadow of RE4 , hyping the same old tired characters and overly convulted silly lore, the focus was just on creating a high quality survival horror game in first person,based on the theme of a crazy family living in a big house on the swamp, AND THEY FUCKING MADE IT, Resident Evil 7 is one of the best horror games ever and Village is gonna be even better
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I love the structure of the game as its very classic RE. I also love the cast of characters, the family was done so well and their boss battles were also very memorable.

Might replay it in a few days. In my top 5 favorite Resident Evil game.


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AI needs a sequel that improves all of the problems with the first before we start saying craziness like that.


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Item collection is top notch in RE7. I did the chainsaw part again. What you take for granted are pieces of skin that get shot off or slices appearing on the body. What’s frustrating is hitting the heal button when you don’t have to and you waste a health bottle.
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Its great because you got some of the best game designers in the world looking at a project with fresh eyes and fresh perspectives. They were trying first person for the first time, and VR for the first time. The game was a passion project of innovation - not a return to the old survival horror roots or a formulaic sequel.

I dont expect every first person entry to be as fresh. But we'll probably see stuff in 8 they left on the cutting room floor or ideas they didn't have confidence in until 7 was a hit - so I'm excited for it.

This was also their first project on RE Engine. They were using entirely new techniques for mo-cap and texture generation and creating props and makeup in real life to be scanned in. Everything about the project was innovation.
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I think my one real gripe with the game was the music when fighting Lucas. Was silly and out of place.

Oh and Chris looked like an idiot.

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I'm towards the end of my current playthrough, just got off the ship. This will be my 3rd full playthrough.

7 is the first RE game that is just in your face at all times (obviously). It's downright gross at times. My recent fight with Marguerite, she landed in a way so I was just looking at her bug hive vagina/crotch. It was so disgusting. Just firing a shotgun into it, lol. It's a wild game for sure.

The game is absolutely terrifying too. It's super effective at making you feel nervous as shit. Which is great because that's how RE 96 made me feel back then. I feel like that's important because clearly went back to the drawing board and were able to recreate that initial experience with something entirely new.
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