What platforms have you played offline or couch coop/PvP on?

During your whole gaming life what platforms have you played "offline couch" multiplayer or coop on?

Off the top of my head, mine are -
  • Monochromatic IBM - 80s - I recall PC games like Joust and 4D tennis where my brother and I shared a keyboard to fight each other.
  • Spectrum/Apple II/Atari/Amiga - 80s - usually 2 players on games like Bubble Bobble,
  • Arcade - 80s - 2- 4 players madness with games like Gauntlet.
  • Arcade Tabletop - 80s - 2 players Pac-Man and a mix of other games too, I remember playing this with my brother and sister on a two-storey plane that had an arcade section upstairs.
  • NES - 80s - who didn't take turns 2 player SMB or beat the hell out of some NHL fist fights?
  • Arcade/SNES - 90s - Street Fighter II, endless fight nights with the boys during high school days. I still recall taking coins from my mum's money tin weekly to go play SFII in the arcades after school. The multitap for 4 player bomberman was fucking amazing! Things like The Simpsons, NBA JAM, Daytona and more really brought people and gaming together on a day or night out with your buds, family or crush.
  • PC/LANs - 90/2000s - dragging all your rig around and cowboy networking something together with far too many power boards gave rise to weekends of smashing out DOOM, Quake, Duke and all the rest.
  • N64 - 90s - roommates and I had the gaming party house to go to for years, we all mostly worked together and could bring home any game from any platform with distributors usually giving us early access. Far too many titles on our N64 UFO hard drives back then. Just stoners for days banging out 4 player Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing and Mario Party. What a time to game with friends.
  • PS2/Xbox - 2000s - Tony Hawk series, just hardcore into it with 3 or 4 others. Give me combo high score or death.
  • Xbox OG/360/LAN/xLink/XBconnect - 2000s - Halo CE/2 LANs, there was no other game on the planet worth our time.
  • Switch - 2010s - it's built around playing in person.
  • Xbox One/Series - 2010/2020s - family games are just great offline e.g. Jackbox party, Rayman, CTR, Ultimate Chicken Horse
It's pretty amazing to have gone from those old school days to modern day online gaming.
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Atari 7800 - First console
NES, SNES, Genesis, PC (tyrian: mouse/keyboard combo), N64 (God-tier), PS2, Dreamcast, GCN, PSX, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U (GOD-TIER) PS5, Saturn.

All dem shits.

Wii U is a couch coop juggernaut. Mario Chase in Nintendo Land w/ 5 people. So insanely fun/funny. The camera element is sheer brilliance.

Elden Ring in coop gives me couch vibes, especially w/ my buddies I play with, we're all great friends from childhood. I can't imagine what my buddies and I would do different if we were in person. It's just big dumb arcade game type fun in coop, pure gaming bliss.
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Every console I've had since mid 80's - although since PS4/XBone it's been more online "couch" co-op. I modified a SNES Classic with an SD card and bought wireless controllers from 8BitDo - that's my main couch console for parties and destroying my noob daughter and her friends in Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 2. I also have a PS3 which has some really good family games and many are translated to Danish. Buzz! Quiz are still the greatest quiz games ever made.

I'm a main PvP guy. Nothing comes close to having fun with friends in online games.

For the past 10 years I've been here on Gaf, I've seen a decline in online players. So many haters of having fun with friends.
Ozzy, I'll bust your ass in Tony Hawk's especially pro skater 3; Ain't no one fucking with my manuals.

Classic mate, I'd be down for a session sometime, just hit up my other GT: GranularLeek98 if ya like.

*After playing the remake combo recently with my kids I am all too aware of being mediocre these days.
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