What we know so far on Days Gone


I must admit: I'm looking forward to more news about this game. My hype level isn't great, but this is definitely on my radar.

With Days Gone, God of War 4, Tlou 2, Spider Man and Death Stranding I feel pretty good about Sony exclusives for the next two years (Death Stranding could end up as a ps5 title though... just my intuition).


My main complaint about it, it's the general plot. I know it's a free roaming, but everytime I'm looking to it, I can't avoid a redundant feeling. Too many things remind to TLOU, I'm asking if a total different narrative/situation, wouldn't been more appropriate.
This apocalyptic trend starting to be a little annoying for me.

Do you mean Setting of the game ?? Because i don't think that there is any Plot details out there??
I'm cautiously optimistic about DG. I'm hoping it's the game that will make me finally have a good reason to pick up a PS4 Pro. No pressure, guys. :)


Everything they've said about the game sounds incredible, especially leading the horde to a bandit camp. They just need to show me this stuff and I'm there.

Oh and improve the shooting mechanics. They looked quite weak at the last showing.
Everything sounds extremely good but I'm really overfed with zombies even if Bend calls them freakers.
I would rather like animals or something that looks like actual living things. These monster artworks and humanoid not zombies make the general artwork too generic.
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