What's your most played Switch game not named Zelda?

I have over 60 hours in Arms, which is a bit silly since majority of the time I've played the SP. Probably have less than 10 online matches - played more online during the testpunch, it's a bit of fun exercise
Mario Kart, nearing 100 hours I think?

Man, I got real fucking good at that game. I still see a couple of you online every now and then. BJustice, Incite, etc. I wanna get a game going with y'all sometime so we can see who's on top :3
Probably Blaster Master, maybe Voez. I assume Arms or Ultra Street Fighter II will soon take the lead.

Despite my intention to do so, I've actually only played a couple hours of Zelda (just left the plateau). It has failed to hook me thus far. To be honest, I haven't really loved a Zelda game since Link to the Past, but I keep buying them for some reason. I think I like the idea of Zelda games more than the reality.
Mario Kart

But I haven't gone back :/ I'm kind of bored by single player and I get stomped in online.

Wish I was in college again so I could get some more ahem mileage out of it
45 hours in Arms (+10 if you count the Testpunch demo), and I am not remotely sick of it yet—not even close. I actually wish I had more time to dedicate to it; I haven't hit my matchmaking plateau in Ranked or had my fill of clearing the highest difficulties in the GP. It's supplanted both MK8D and Puyo Puyo Tetris as my "regular rotation" game, though we'll see what Splatoon does to this pattern.
Easily Cave Story + I've played it twice already and done all of the challenges. I intend to play it again when they add in the original Cave Story.

After that MK8D

If I had Puyo Puyo Tetris I'd probably have more time into that than MK.
People saying disgaea, if I Liked the FF tactics games for the gameboy do you think i'll enjoy Disgaea?
Disgaea 5 is my #2. I haven't played FFT but the gist of answers I've seen is "yes but unlike FFT don't come to Disgaea for the story". The story is a very not-serious silly sort of slapstick anime thing. It's amusing for what it is, but I am in no way compelled by what's going to happen next or anything. It's a mechanics game through and through.

If you like strategy RPGs and numbers that always go up (and that get really really big), this is the game for you.
Mario Kart 8 for around 20-30 hours i think, recently got those joycon wheels so wil probably play it some more soon.

Loved the wii wheel with MK Wii.
I have 230 hours in BotW lol but i am sure Splatoon will beat that and MK8 later.