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Why Hasn't There Been a 'Skinwalker Ranch' Game?


Dec 12, 2008
For those who don't know what the Skinwalker Ranch is....


So there's a lot of potential for a game here, especially for those who read 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' book.

The Skinwalker Ranch is a hotbed for anomalies and George Knapp said it could be a Grand Central Station for other realms of existence.

Whatever exists there doesn't seem to have our best interests in mind.

People even have reported bringing "something" back with them.

Shadow things, cryptids, poltergeist activity, orbs, ufos and anomalies have all happened there.

Military have been seen around there and there are those who claim they've heard what sounds like machinery beneath the surface.

Portals to other "places" have been seen opening with strange craft emerging.

A game based on these real life events would be fascinating, of course liberties would have to be taken and dramatization.

I'm thinking gameplay or something to Kholat, another game based on real life bizarre events at Dyatlov Pass.

Semi-thanks to buizel buizel for making me think about Skinwalker Ranch tonight.
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Jun 12, 2018
United States
Maybe a new Silent Hill in development could have a chapter in reference. Or even a new Alan Wake. I don't think a game has been created which takes a serious look at the topic of aliens, let alone the topic of Skinwalker Ranch. I'm sure there's some but I'm drawing a blank. A game with the play mechanic(s) similar to that Resident Evil 2 Remake (third person view), L.A Noire, as well as first person view per interactivity like examining item(s), puzzles, research, dialogue. Presentation in the likes of the movie "Fire in the Sky" or "Communion" as well as the "X-Files" television series from the 1990's for the detective aspect. Outdoor and indoor environments, things to research. A mystery adventure. It wouldn't be a run and gun blast 'em all to hell type of game or a point and click game. Something to startle the senses

"Communion" movie, 1989
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Feb 19, 2018

in zelda majoras mask; there is a farm that eventually is invaded by aliens. there are two brothers who talk about sightings, footsteps, cattle going missing, lights in sky etc... think this could be a reference>?

edit: nevermind thats the flatwoods monster im confusing the two

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