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Social Would you buy a Series S or a Switch, some time next hypothetical year?

Would you buy..

  • Nintendo Switch

    Votes: 18 56.3%
  • xBox Series X

    Votes: 14 43.8%

  • Total voters


Jul 4, 2020
My sources may be a tad out of date but it appears that my hunch of a while ago that these consoles are of comparable cost was right, and that they seem to both sit around $299 US retail.

I ask this because the xBox Series S appears to be an attempt to enter into the market currently held solely by the switch - not in terms of mobility obviously, but in terms of bang for your buck price point.

Switch is an established console, so I'm not trying to compare the two, I'm just asking this, to try and guage the general feeling about the XSX as a budget console. Sony doesn't have a horse in this race besides my beloved, defunct Vita~

It's an interesting exercise. Switch has a fantastic library and mobility, but XSX has the potential of gamepass, relative power, et al. Hmm!

So for your budget gaming purchase, a year from now, when your sainted wife finally turns to you and says "you know what? We must fill this house with video game SFX. But it can't cost more than our monthly saving contributions.", which of these consoles would you get?


Dec 6, 2013

-If you already have a decent PC: Switch
You already have all MS and multiplatform games covered so Switch is a nice way to expand the library of games available to you.

-If you have either a Ps4 Pro or X1X and think you can afford a Ps5/Series X/PC by 2022: Switch.
2021 seems like it will mostly be cross gen stuff anyway, so again Switch will bring you other games you would not be able to play, and whatever actual next gen exclusives release on Ps5/Series X in 2021 will still be there in 2022

- You don't have Pro/X1X and/or this upcoming purchase is the only new console you are planning on getting for several years: Series S.
Otherwise you'll be missing out on much of what gaming will have to offer in the next few years in favor of only getting Nintendo games and the worst performing version of inides. Also if you are on a budget Gamepass deifnitely offers more value than Nintendo with their "everything is $60 forever and our sales are rare and shitty"

Either way if you haven't gotten a Switch by now and with no big releases on the horizon (as in with an actual release date) I'd definitely wait until the rumored Switch Pro reveal.
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Aug 3, 2010
a cave outside of Whoville.
I already have a Switch, but I'd never waste my money or time with a Dinkbox S. It's just not for me. Saving the $200 means nothing against a ~7 year generation of being stuck with the shit version.


Feb 20, 2018
I already have a Switch, so an S would get me access to more games. Rather buy the X though.

A choice between a Series S and a Switch Pro though might be a different story, especially if they improve the joycon while also giving it a nice spec bump. The Switch form factor is working out really well for my lifestyle at the moment.


Dec 2, 2010
I'd buy a Switch if Nintendo would release a competently made one. I'm still not keen on Xbox after what they did to Battletoads but if I did buy a new one it would be the series X.
Jul 25, 2014
Neither, but voted for Switch because it was the closest to the Switch XL.

Switch XL first and a PC upgrade later.

Either Ampere 3080 RTX 20 GB or the Big Navi, whichever one's better in performance, post reviews and readily available local SKU's at retailers.

The only reason I would be interested in another generation of Xbox would be their back compat program, and that list is getting tinier day by day thanks to PC releases of older OG Xbox and 360 titles.

As for their new upcoming first party, I'll stick with Steam for way cheaper prices than the Xbox / Windows Store thanks to regional pricing, and PC Gamepass, which will match their console counterpart in terms of quantity and quality within a couple of years (Spencer keeps reiterating this whenever asked), and the biggest reason them all, FREE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER, or at least not being forced to sub to GamePass Ultimate for the foreseeable future (I know that $1 trick still exists, but it's still extra money that you need to spend till your already existing sub and it's expiry date, which I can do for free on PC if I don't buy their new console hardware).