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X-Men is “outdated”


Jul 16, 2007
I can't wait for the X-People and the Peoplehood of Mutants.

The Heteronormative, Cisgender, Patriarchy was the REAL enemy all along!


Gold Member
Sep 25, 2015
the planet Thra
Fuck me, the stupidity never ends.

Fast forward to 2093 and our species will have renamed itself to 'personkind'.
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Jun 3, 2013
That X-Women line is absolutely awful.
My eyes can't roll back far enough. It's like, literally my entire life I've been subjected to this narrative that men are holding women down everywhere, and it's finally women's time to shine! How can you expect people to take this messaging seriously for nearly 40 fucking years? And you wonder why this patriarchal boogeyman thinks less of you as a gender.
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Feb 28, 2015
... it's imperfect, for sure. It would definitely be nice if we had a neat, gender neutral term for people, but 'men' has an impeccable attractiveness to it insofar that it's one syllable long. That succinctness will always be an attractive quality for the poetic (and in marketing I guess lol).

If you don't realize why the use of a term that also refers to males specifically persists in this respect as well, then you're either intentionally being obtuse or are just plain stupid.


Resident Cheap Arse
Oct 25, 2017
"It's funny, I can't actually remember the last time you were the one risking something"

...said when speaking to the guy in a wheelchair who is in that wheelchair because he risked everything to stop WW3 while she lost feck all.

That, right there is the level of self awareness that permeates this kind of nonesense. Just point and laugh, then move on.


Apr 15, 2019
A kick to the nuts, and we all know how *funny* that form of violence is, don't we guys.

Disney never learns. Success cannot be based on kicking your most loyal fans in the nuts, even if that strategy has its time in the sun (apparently). In other words 'get woke, go broke'.

So some bitch wants to break her brother's toys. Funny, didn't woke LEGO 2 the movie tell us that's a *bad* thing? Ah but that was the brother breaking his *sister's* toys. Clearly not the same thing, eh guys.

For the longest time there was no issue with a given IP *belonging* to the bloc that made that IP successful, and continued to support it. That was never a 'sexist' concept or a 'racist' concept. If 'black' people flocked to 'Sanford and Son' (actually an inferior remake of a brit London 'white' working class based show- Steptoe and Son), no-one screamed "racist", and made every effort to 'white'-up that show. And if a 'white' person chose to watch and enjoy sanford and son (as I did) that wasn't proof that it was time to call the show 'Sanford and Son and some token honkey'. Eff that.

When I watch media from a culture that is not my own, I do not want my participation as a consumer to *taint* that media- I do not want to own it or co-opt it.

X-Men exists and has a life and form. That some bitch thinks it is now time to break it and take it and eff over the IP in the name of Wokeness is literally satanic. Yet Disney thinks it is good to employ such scum, and give them controlling power and the right to spew in public. A kick in the nuts, in other words.

*If* there is a market for a new form of superhero, then the obvious logic is to craft *new* IP to meet the needs of that market. Disney has the money and media clout to do this. So why doesn't this bitch pitch her new IP? Why does the bitch wanna leech on someone else's IP. And this is the heart of the matter.

This is *not* about serving a desperate hungry new market- which would be a genuine and valid thing to do. I mean the scum who said the twilight IP should not exist were literally that- scum. Bigoted scum. The women and some men who get off on that kinda thing are entitled to have big media serve their needs with such IPs.

And twilight was massive cos a new market has formed across recent years. The same is true with the vanilla BDSM that is 50 shades. *You* do not get to say what other people should like or enjoy.

And the same applies to the bitch. She doesn't get to redefine X-men on the basis of her *hates*. The girls in X-men are all there to please the boys that read this stuff- not to prove X-men is really a female entertainment. Same as the blokes in Twilight or 50 Shades do *not* prove these are entertainments meant for men.

But as I said, this bitch is really about breaking her brother's toys.


Oct 16, 2018
What's with X-men name now?
Seems like Victoria Alonso is only concerned about her feels about the X-Men name and patriarchy in her mind.

And why is she is bringing that "Cap. Marvel is our first female superhero" bullshit again in the same interview? No, I'm not making it up. She actualy said that in the interview. You can repeat that lie as many times as you can . It won't become the truth.
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Jun 13, 2018

"I don't know where the future is going," Alonso told Nuke the Fridge. "Its funny that people call it the X-Men... there's a lot of female superheroes in that X-Men group; I think it's outdated."

While only a snippet, it just shows, again how people think. “Men” is in the term Women and is obviously used in other terms like mankind etc. and of all of the comic teams, X-Men has always had a quite large representation of Women.

Also bonus double cringe: IGN and a terrible clip. Skip to about 2:10ish for the goods.

So yeah.

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Milk Connoisseur
Feb 2, 2018
All capeshit is. But if you want to talk outdated look at the fantastic four.

Damage Inc

Nov 10, 2013
My own quote: But if you want to talk outdated look at the fantastic four

Care to read?
Likewise? The OP has NOTHING to do with the series being outdated. But someone saying the term “X-Men” is outdated due to women being in the team...


Milk Connoisseur
Feb 2, 2018
Likewise? The OP has NOTHING to do with the series being outdated. But someone saying the term “X-Men” is outdated due to women being in the team...
It is a joke thread. So I made a joke and then took a jab at the Fantastic Four.


Aug 11, 2014
They should dub the moon landing commentary as well bcos it really f***s me of that mankind was mentioned - what about womenkind - wivout whom their wld be NO MEN!!!!1111


Mar 18, 2013
how about we skip to the conclusion of this whole effort and all throw on our gray rags and say absolutely nothing to each other lest someone get hurt or feel unequal/left-out


May 27, 2018
Men as in "Mankind" is to be intended as neutral.

In basically every spoken language, whenever you have to refer to a person you ignore the gender or use a collective noun, the masculine term is used (if neutral is not an existing gender, think of Italian or even Spanish where even inanimate objects are either masculine or feminine).

Then politics came and politicians invented out of the blue another excuse to grab votes by flaming and further dividing humankind with poorly written feminism.

The simple fact that the word feminism has no direct antonym is indicative of it (and no, sexism, machismo, male chauvinism are not antonyms of feminism).

X-men is a simplified way of telling x-people.

X-men is simply a lot cooler than x-people or X-force or X-women.
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