Xbox 'Faked' Xcloud Gameplay

May 3, 2018

First off yes this is my channel and I'm not asking for subs

but has anyone seen the demo why did the think this was a good idea? What do you think is it real or fake? Maybe just a bad game to show off.

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Jan 24, 2015
Prolly stage could be shitty enviroment.
All sonos demos are wired. While trying to sell wireless stuff ..

Big EH..
Feb 11, 2019
The bad part is her comment,"new techology". Kind of like saying a Ford Pinto is a new modern automobile. The continuous acting like there no companies doing this and this is new technology for the last decade is some horrible marketing. "New" would have been in the 2006-2010 range.
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Nov 24, 2013
England, UK
It would be helpful if the person playing at least knew how to use a controller. The fact that they don’t makes any investigation pointless. Too many variables introduced to look at it properly, obviously there will be some lag though. But I would say it is not fake.
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Feb 11, 2019
Well, I guess that is one way to generate revenue for game streaming, you put a video up as to whether its fake or not so a few 100 hundred people can talk about and generate ad revenue, If you're faking (not saying this is, but it looks bad either way) a game streaming video in 2019, well, you have more trouble than I can help you with. Generally, old technology, a decade to late, and virtually no customers.

Welcome Microsoft, you to can lose money at the Game Cloud Streaming party with the rest of them. That is some horrible marketing, "Look guys we have this new technology, its called Microsoft Office".
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Jan 31, 2018
Why do this now? Nobody's clamoring for xCloud info. we know it exists, why not just show it when it's ready. Very disappointed in Microsoft for pulling this shit in the middle of a show that had fantastic news about the MCC. Why ruin a good time with this crap?
Jan 12, 2018
I think the video is dumb but I have no problem with people promoting they're own long as they disclaim it.
Can’t say I agree, or at the very least there needs to be proper context. It’s one thing when someone posts a link to their work in a thread asking for such a thing like “so gaf what’s the craziest thing you’ve every done?” Or “show me your art, gaf”.

But when you make a thread around your video as a source for news, that’s just plugging. It’d be another thing if someone else found it newsworthy (though it seems several people have found a better video explaining this).
Mar 10, 2013
The Netherlands
When I watched this section I didn't really ask myself it this was faked or not. My general rule of thumb for these types of demonstration: "Always assume that demos that you or others outside can't touch are faked to some extend.". That's because all the systems are rarely fully functional and stable enough to do a "true" live demo.

There'll always be bad cases such as the original Crackdown 3 destruction footage and the original Uncharted 4 and Anthem teaser that way over promise the final product*. But in general I can't get upset by this as it's not that helpful to look at a crash or glitch when watching a presentation.
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Dec 16, 2015
Internet torches and pitchforks are all over this...too bad EVERY company including Sony does this. Actual live demos are almost impossible to predict issues with.

That being said...this isn't a good look. They should have just used the Xbox app and streamed it locally.
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Sep 21, 2018
He's right. I opened up the game, loaded up stock controller settings (dead-zones and stick curves) and assists, and had a seizure on my controller like she did. In third gear in the NSX the speed hangs near 60 tapping the throttle, and tapping the sticks like that with normal steering vs. sim settings the wheels don't change direction quickly enough to make a huge difference to trajectory. It's like driving my Mom's old Taurus, the first quarter-turn of the wheel did nothing, then the next 1/4 was a friendly suggestion for the car to go that direction which it may or may not care to do.

While I don't think the video was faked, I think they really should have had her try the game first before recording and showed her how to play it as her playstyle alone raised a lot of suspicion. They would have been better served to actually fake the video at this point, it's pretty common in the industry anyways(E3 "gameplay" Demos from pretty much everyone). They should have grabbed a T10 guy or at least a staff member that had played a racing game before to demo the game on Xcloud. It's clearly not a game she's ever even picked up before this. The game running a race at full speed by a competent player would have been a better demonstration of the system at work. If they really wanted to prove it works well play some Super Meat Boy or a rhythm game.

She's just pumping the right trigger and the car never stops, plus that stick control........
Why would the right trigger stop the car? Right trigger, just like the right pedal in a car, is the gas pedal. It's set up like this in every racing game that supports analog triggers including Gran Turismo (unless you use the face buttons in GT5... shudder...). Can't argue the way she uses the analog stick made me want to die. I really hope that's not how she drives her actual car.

A diversity show? Explain the logic please? I don't watch Inside Xbox. I find it very boring so enlighten me.
They had a "women in gaming" theme throughout the show instead of it just being about upcoming and current release games.
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