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Xbox Games Showcase Extended on June 14th


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Wait. They wasted 95 minutes today and they want to waste more time on Tuesday? You’d have to be crazy to bother with it.

It’s fine - we get it, there’s nothing major coming for a year minimum from MS first parties, and the rest is indie multiplat stuff.

Take Tuesday off - there ya go.
Nothing major in the next year? Did you not see Forza Motorsport or Starfield? Both are scheduled to release within 12 months. That’s what the entire showcase was about on Sunday. Everything shown is scheduled to release within 12 months.

Can more delays happen? Sure but I’m not going to concern myself with it until it happens.
I didn't really mentally process that High on Life is this year. That game honestly looks great. That, Scorn, TMNT, Pentiment. 2022 still has some interesting titles coming, and that's just a small fraction of what will ultimately hit GP. It's a slower year, but there's definitely still multiple things that have potential.

Kagey K

Don't know why I'm doing this to myself, but I'm holding out the tiniest, minuscule hope that Goldeneye will be announced at the extended show.

I'm a fucking clown. 🤡
I'm expecting the second half of June games announced today, and there's still a sliver of hope in me that this will be one of them.


My little VRR pleasure pearl goes vrrrooommm.
It says interview with Peter Hines and behind the scenes Naraka Bladepoint as well as Pentiment.

Deep dive on Minecraft Legends.
Behind The Scenes As Dusk Falls
Behind The Scenes Grounded.
Behind The Scenes High On Life
Behind The Scenes FH5 Hotwheels
Behind The Scenes Flight Simulator
Deep Dive ARA History Untold
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I'd like a deep dive into the Starfield mechanics. What goals besides fetch quests and resource grinding. How will character combat differ from Fallout. How fleshed out are the 1000 planets. Lots of questions. They need to shore up the poor impression the graphics made with impressive new gameplay systems.

I'd also like to know how the Diablo IV MMO world and raid events will work for solo players without Xbox Live for multiplayer. Will Xbox solos be unable to max out their characters without a multiplayer XBL subscription?
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Kagey K

Lol "Is there one that's not extended? Oh, there is? OK I know what this is, but never less we are happy to be part of it"

That was actually funny.

Kev Kev

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redfall does looks sick but i couldnt stand the VAs, hopefully they arent as annoying as they come off in that trailer
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Realistically, if the first show wasn't/isn't way better than this, then wtf are MS marketing doing!



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