Xbox - May 2022 Games with Gold


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Yokus island express and hydro thunder hurricane are great games.

Also viva pinata party animals wasn't a part off rare replay, is this newly added to BC? Or did I just completely miss it?

On the topic off hydro thunder, Microsoft apparently own that IP, give us a new one please with all the bells and whistles.


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I thought it sounded familiar.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane was a Sep 2017 GwG game already.



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Youku looks like a game that could be fun but gets diminished in your backlog


Surely it’s more effort for them, and more insulting for the fans, to find these turds every month rather than just issue a statement saying ‘no more GWG, we’re still charging for Gold, now fuck off’.


Oh, thanks! I was about to buy Hydro Thunder Hurricane!

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Mocking one of the best arcade racers. Funny, we have a thread here lamenting the loss of 90s arcade racers but when MS gives one out with Gold it’s mocked
Relax. I'm just kidding. I've actually seen some gameplay and it does indeed looks fun for those looking for some different arcade racing games. But anyway, for me particularly, it didn't catch enough of my attention and being honest I won't download. But hope many players have fun with it, and the other games too! :messenger_winking:
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Best month in a long while. Yoku and Hydro are great gets. I know Hydro thunder was in GWG but its a great chance to those lttp.


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honestly, laugh as much you want about GwG, I still got a lot of good games for free that way, and this month there are at least two good ones with Yoku and Hydro Thunder, so I don't see a reason to get mad at this.
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Pretty sad the number of people here slamming Yoku, I bet most have never even tried it. We've removed your "gamer" status cards.
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