Xenoblade Chronicles X "Direct" on Feb. 6 [info in OP]

Edit: over, replay available there! (English subtitles: YouTube)

Good find. I downloaded the subtitle, muxed it with the video and uploaded it on multiple sites. Download it here and play it on your tv - enjoy.

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Here's some translations by the one and only Cheesemeister:

Open number 8. You're still alive. Are you okay? Don't push it. You just woke up. You're the only one to wake up. I'm Elma.
Our journey from Earth was suddenly cut short. We had to make an emergency landing. This is the planet we landed on. It's still untamed.
What do you think? Not bad, huh? This is our city, New Los Angeles. Welcome to NLA.

I'll tell you about NLA. This is our new home. This is the industrial area, at the entrance. Lots of weaponized machinery is made here.
This is the commercial area. Lots of people gather here. I like to go shopping. This is the residential area, where everyone lives.
This is the Blade area, our military's headquarters. Lots of weapons and equipment can be bought and stored here.

What's a Blade?

Blades are our police and military, protecting our city. They're also used in recon. Life is our support system. Some life pods broke off.
We need to go find life pods scattered across the world to recover survivors. Lin will explain the Frontier Net. Your position is shown.

The shining beam is a Frontier Spot, where you can gather information from data probes. They collect info about the places you set them.
This probe found a treasure nearby. Each area's objectives are revealed through the data probes. Find 100% of the objectives!
As you place probes, the dialogue of NLA residents will be expanded. Quests can be undertaken from NLA residents or directly from Blade.

If you succeed in your quests, you'll be handsomely rewarded. Be sure to clear them. Relationships between characters expand by interacting.
Planet Mira is still largely unexplored, and there's lots of room to explore.

Tatsu will continue explaining. There are several continents.

NLA is on the grassland continent. Next is the Night Light Forest continent. Then, the Forgotten Canyon. They're all huge. The White Forest.
Finally, the Black Steel continent. It's a volcanic area. It's really huge! Tatsu keeps saying the continents are huge. He can't help it.

There are so many locations in each continent that they can't all be explained. Each has a number of landmarks, secret areas, and vistas.
Did you think traveling would be a hassle? You can dash, jump, and skip travel to data probes you've placed. Navigation Ball helps the lost.
Just follow the Navigation Ball to your next destination. Use the Hopper Camera to get a bird's eye view from above your current location.

If you get a Doll (mech), you can travel even faster by transforming into a vehicle or taking to the sky. Find new areas to explore.
Dolls can't just be used by anyone, only certified Blade members. Creatures of Planet Mira. There are many different kinds, big and small.
It's best to avoid creatures that are far above your level. Watch out for obards. Creatures with special names require caution.
Alien species, friendly and hostile, can be interacted with. Our objective is to seek out the Life Points. Sometimes we have to fight.

Next time, we'll teach you the skills you'll need for survival.

Just announced via Twitter:

Looks like they're gonna showcase the world in this first episode of not-Nintendo-Direct. For now, it's JP-only.

Link : http://xenobladex.jp/news/20150206/index.html

Link to the streams : YouTube / NicoNico (no account needed)



Europe: 2PM
North America (East): 8AM
North America (West) : 5AM
Japan: 10PM

It's not a "direct", they call it a new introductory video about the world and it's scale, etc.
What do you think the " in the title are for? ;)

I know it's not a Nintendo Direct, though they're still warning us beforehand so it's significant enough.
My most highly anticipated Wii U game!

Question: I'm not really up to date but has there been a release date for localization yet?

Though I don't really want to know much, would rather go into the game as blind as possible when the time comes.

Show me the online features and amiibo compatibility though :D
This is not a "Direct" in the same way that the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 50-Fact Extravaganza isn't a "Direct." It's a presentation about the game that's treated with the importance of a Direct, but doesn't have to follow Direct conventions.

Count me in.


The Birthday Skeleton
Good, February is up for a good start! Hopefully we will get also English translations. What's the time for this? Is it the 22:00 JST?


Maturity, bitches.
I'll probably not watch it live since seeing the worlds was one of main surprises of the first Xenoblade. I'll wait to find out how much they show before I choose to watch it or not. Curious how flexible the character maker is.
Which makes it quite a strange hour for it to be Japan only, no?
To be honest I don't think it's that strange. They don't really have the same view on time as we do. A lot of programs and such are late in the evening and maybe night even though they don't expect foreigners to watch.

22:00 would be an ideal time for them to get to a lot of people, while in their afternoon everyone would be at school/doing club activities/working etc

edit: and yeah, it's Friday too so even less strange.
Fuck. I'm working nights now, and Friday is from 6PM rather than 10PM throughout the week.

Last time I woke up for a direct I was dead tired (It was worth it though).... Looks like I'll be skewing my sleeping time a little earlier and then waking before 1PM.