"You know, Ellie, we really are The Last of Us."

What other games have characters mention the game title?

Edit: it's a forum game, basically we make up quotes from game titles as if they were actually said in the game
when the hell did that happen?

EDIT: ah it didn't. I thought you were playing off of "We are the walking dead" line from TWD comics.

EDIT2: oh it's a game.


Was getting caught part of your plan?
OP clearly saw that one-night only Druckmann ending to know that line.

I'm joking. I have no idea what OP speaks of
"I entered this castle a swordsman, a savior...but all I have left is a rogue's legacy."

OP "jokes on you, I was only pretending" edit: "Boy, did I ever create a Mega Man" -Dr. Light
"Lenneth Valkyrie, you do not need to bow in front of our lord!" - Freya, Valkyrie Profile

Super symbolic DEEP title-callback CONFIRMED.

I don't remember that quote at all in TLOU. Do you have a video or something to back up your claim OP?