Youtube terminated jamesnintendonerd (AVGN) account?

I half wonder if Sega or someone else opened the floodgates in getting people taken down for recording game footage. If that's the case, well, fuck this anal copyright protecting bullshit.
Fine by me. I never liked him.
Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

Ignoring that the sentiment is an asshole one, this sort of censoring has significant implications across a huge swathe of game related videos online.

Unless you think its cool that the only video game related media online is the shit controlled by companies PR departments?
This sucks, it was far more convenient to watch his stuff on YouTube as every one of my devices has an app and gametrailer's video player is worth less than dried out dog crap on a hot sidewalk. He was one of the reasons I even bothered to create a YouTube account just so I could subscribe to his channel.
Wow, that fuckin' sucks. I still have some AVGN episodes I need to watch (didn't discover him until a few months ago).

His non-AVGN videos are usually good also. Guess I'll have to use GameTrailers' assy video player now =[
This is rather disheartening to hear. I hope it's something silly that gets sorted out quick. James is practically a staple of youtube for me. One of my most beloved personalities on the net without a doubt. This sucks!