Zelda Breath Of The Wild: How to Play in First Person


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

While there have been mods over the years to simulate first person in Breath of the Wild, a recent discovery finally allows anyone to glitch the game to play it in first person for the most cinematic and immersive experience.

Breath of the Wild, to this day, continues to have groundbreaking discoveries even 4 years after release. The most recent breakthrough lets players engage a first person mode at any time which gave us some heavy Skyrim vibes.

It is difficult to perform though, and we break it down with our hands on camera so you can see the difficult portions being done. This requires a multitude of glitches, including Menu Overloading, Item Hold Smuggling, and Model Teleporting to perform, but if done correctly, is well worth it for a more immersive and cinematic Breath of the Wild experience than ever before on Nintendo Switch.
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