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Hughtendo posted this on IGN. Quite a humorous find. haven't seen it posted here so brace yourselves...


Above impressions show that N'Gai Croal was not able to use Natal.

"When game consultant and former Newsweek writer N'Gai Croal gave Paradise a test drive, however, the game had trouble reading his steering actions. The footwork (gas and brakes) worked fine, but Croal couldn't steer his car at all."

Above shows a journal which reports that near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is less effective on black skin as "melanin clearly interferes with the quality of the reflected NIRS signal".

As I understand, Natal uses near-infrared.

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Please tell me someone on the Natal team has thought of this, or this could be the most epic failure in the history of video games.


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