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So, you're here. You know someone HAS to ask: Shuhei said Sony isn't working on J-RPGs. How's that work? I remember you saying that Sony was aiming for a larger audience than usual with J-RPGs. Is Shuhei basically saying he doesn't consider currently in development projects J-RPGs that the fanbase would recognize as obviously J-RPGs?

Next FS exclusive for PS4 currently in development is a Sony published first party title, like Bloodborne, and is a JRPG. There is another project in development in a similar context which is also a JRPG, and is going to be a Sony published title aka first party. Beyond that, I don't want to delve into anything but it honestly only takes a little common sense to realise that Shu isn't going to tell you what anyone's up to because you happen to ask him a question. Nothing exists until it's officially time for it to exist.

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The pacing of the PGW conference was really off. I don't especially like Jim Ryan as a presenter either.

Also, what the fuck is Matterfall. I hate CG trailers for new IP's and the press release isn't really explaining anything.

It's a 2D shooting game if I recall correctly. Not much to explain really.