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(01-31-2012, 09:34 PM)
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I just got back from Best Buy. They have one of their employees carrying the system around on his neck to demo. No kiosk for Vita it seems. They only had Little Deviants to try, but I was more interested in the other functions anyway.

The screen is unreal. Large does not begin to describe it. The shots online donít do it justice either. I was really impressed with the movie trailers they had stored on the memory card. The playback might not have been true HD, but at that small size, it looks damn close.

The analog sticks were also a bit surprising. At first touch they donít feel like they have the mobility to get the job done. Compared to the Dual Shock or 360 pads, these donít move far enough in every direction. However, after about ten minutes I adjusted and they felt fine. They donít stick out nearly as far as the pictures make them seem either, so that was a plus.

Anyway, has anyone mentioned that the digital copies of games seem to be $5 cheaper than the physical cards? Best Buy has a number of games in their pre-order machine, that I can only assume, are codes that you use to download the games off PSN.

Hereís a photo of their titles and prices:

Super Stardust for $10 is good news.