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(04-23-2012, 02:41 PM)
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So Nintex and I did a little diggin:

An artist at Rare put these on his blog:

Under this picture he put: Here's a little thing I've put together quickly for a undisclosed project. I tried to push the FX and colors to a level that should give it an almost in-game look.

Under this picture he put: Done in a limited amount of time last week. It's a scene in China at Dawn. I had a little struggle with the composition, wrestled it out in the yard and won. Got back in and went back into Bob Ross mode.

His linkedin:

Take in account that his other clients, besides Rare, are not actually big studios or game related.

Like I have said before, with the recent hirings of race devs, I think they are working on a reboot of PGR.