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(04-25-2012, 04:52 AM)
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Valve was with their Steam business partners discussing Linux and why Valve is supporting it:

An update:

One of the first people I recruited for Valve when they were looking for good Linux referrals was Forest Hale, or better known within Internet communities (including the Phoronix Forums and Phoronix IRC) as LordHavoc. He was the lead developer on the DarkPlaces engine, which is the Quake-derived engine that was used by the open-source Nexuiz game and is now used by Xonotic as well. As can be seen when firing up the old Nexuiz or when running Xonotic, DarkPlaces is both technologically and visually impressive, especially for being a non-commercial GPL-based engine. Under contract he additionally was the lead on the Mac OS X and Linux ports of Quake Live. He's also done other Linux contract work, but for the work on the open-source DarkPlaces engine is where he's arguably most known.

Now nearly one month ago he began work at Valve as part of the team/cabal working on the Linux version of Steam / Source Engine. There isn't anything new to announce today about their forthcoming Linux-native games and other initiatives, but the reason I'm mentioning this recruit publicly now is that Valve still should be looking at hiring more Linux developers.

Here is his twitter:!/michaellarabel

@michaellarabel Great! What about Steam?

@Nedanfor steam is coming to Linux...

#valve does have Linux games coming plus other very positive Linux plans... I'll briefly post some screenshots and such tonight.

Here is a log of the chat going on at Phoronix IRC:

[21:34:25] <birch> i'm interested to hear about the stuff besides just source/steam client
[21:35:23] <michaellarabel> birch: I think I'll resist commenting on that for now
[21:35:48] <wh1t3fang> how was your tour of valve?
[21:35:57] <birch> no problem, still interesting to hears other things are on the horizon, seems like rumors might actually be true
[21:36:06] <michaellarabel> tour? The tour took 5 minutes.... the Linux stuff took 6 hours.
[21:36:27] <michaellarabel> the 'rumors' for Linux on Valve are so tame compared to their grand plans
[21:37:03] <wh1t3fang> that is wonderful that they are really taking linux seriously
[21:37:23] <michaellarabel> it was amazing....
[21:37:44] <michaellarabel> Gabe was bashing Windows harder than I even do normally..... hell I'm trying out Windows 8 soon as I get back to my office as I want to see if it's as bad as he says
[21:38:38] <wh1t3fang> wow
[21:38:50] <wh1t3fang> that is pretty amazing
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[21:40:20] <wh1t3fang> will more information be coming later this week?
[21:42:33] <dashcloud> so did you read the employee handbook beforehand?
[21:46:05] <michaellarabel> I'm writing an article right now
[21:46:15] <wh1t3fang> oh ok
[21:54:08] <michaellarabel> it was really terrific, argh. having problems writing.
[21:54:36] <dashcloud> have some more beer!
[22:00:53] <michaellarabel> haha
[22:01:05] <michaellarabel> I had a lot of fun running the Linux client binaries, felt so refreshing.
[22:01:24] <michaellarabel> They let me run free on a developers' workstation as I was doing some driver testing and setting up some debugging stuff, etc.
[22:02:52] <dashcloud> so did you get to wheel a desk around?
[22:03:38] <michaellarabel> no, it was already setup
[22:06:04] <mikeplus64> sounds great
[22:10:15] <michaellarabel> I might actually have to wait until tomorrow morning to finish writing..... this was just so surprising with listening to Gabe about Linux.
[22:10:55] <birch> he's a former Microsoft employee though right?
[22:11:01] <michaellarabel> yes
[22:11:06] <birch> even funnier to hear then.
[22:11:45] <michaellarabel> A quote from my upcoming article already, " Listening to Gabe Newell talk about Linux for hours made me wonder whether he was a former ex-Microsoft employee (where he actually did work in his pre-Valve days...) or the director of the Linux Foundation. "
[22:11:54] <mikeplus64> take your time with the article, a well thought out article is always better than a rushed one

An article is to follow