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Man, I love this thread. I'll give you all a cryptic Wii U quote on May 2nd that you can all analyze into oblivion. :lol

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The 2nd doesn't work for me.
Can we do it on the 4th?

Sorry AceBandage, today will have to suffice.

Here's parts of the transcription of the Wii U part of my interview with Treyarch boss Mark Lamia. (It was before the release date was known)

The full interview is here: In Norwegian

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PressFire: Do you have a release date?
Lamia: November 13th

PressFire: That's around the same time as the Wii U launch, isn’t it?
Lamia: (smirks) It is... That’s what I hear, rumor-wise. I don’t think they’ve announced a launch date for the Wii U though?

PressFire: They said before christmas? But that overwatch mode, on the Wii U pad seems kind of obvious?
Lamia: (laughs) Do you want a job in game design?

PressFire: (laughs) So is there a Wii U version coming?
Lamia: Ah! We’re not.. we’re only talking about the other platforms at this time.

PressFire: I know.
Lamia: But here’s what I can tell you: Treyarch has a long tradition of working on the Nintendo platforms. A long tradition.

PressFire: That’s right, you did the Wii versions of the Modern Warfare games.
Lamia: Uh huh, and the Wii versions of all our Call of Duty titles. And we made the GameCube version of Big Red One. And the Wii version of Spiderman Web of Shadows. We have a lot of experience on the Wii and on the Nintendo platforms. So yeah, we enjoy the Nintendo Wii. We enjoy working on that.

Have fun.