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I think Cheese is not around again, so translations going here as stuff happens.

- Talking about the game, being mayor, building house, no firm goals.
- Eguchi, producer. Going to talk to devs.
-The man and woman were the game's directors, the other woman is a planner.
- Flowers will sparkle depending off if they've been watered.
- Can design roads - they added the character for 'road'. There's a camping ground, sometimes there'll be campers - villagers who don't live in your village.
- Villagers and visitors can buy items in the recycle shop.
- There's a pot plant and the other is a music album.
- The bench and clock were stuff she placed as mayor.
- When you sit in the mayor's seat, Shizue will come up and talk to you.
- Once you've decided what to build, go with Shizue to decide where. Then they'll show you what it will look like. Donations from villagers begin.
- Don't have to go back to mayor's office once building is placed.
- Can donate yourself.
- New item: megaphone. Can say a villagers names to get their attention by speaking their name into the 3DS microphone.
- The tanooki brothers will take turns each day to service the shop.
- Halloween goods sold because it's October.
- Different types of shoes, boots and socks.
- 2nd floor is the museum shop. The four doors lead to special exhibitions. You can set the special exhibitions yourself. Hawaiian Expo, Sushi expo.
- Tanooki Housing Real Estate. Buy parts for your houses outside.
- Can decide if you want to increase room numbers and where (1st flow left, right, 2nd floor etc)
- Shisho, comedian. Started a comedy club, Club 444. Can watch his comedy shows. He has spoken dialogue during this. Can decide your reaction.
- Take photos of your expression with good timing for best result in the photo booth. Many reactions/emotions to collect.
- This is the design leader, Takahashi.
- Talking about new items.
- Can alter designs at R. Parker's
- The redesign takes 30 minutes in this instance. Changed the design and wood.
- Can create your own designs
- Entire house of Tom Nooks if you want!
- Can turn designs into QR codes.
- Model Homes now. People met through Streetpass. These are the people she's streetpassed with. Sometimes they will give you things, like ice-creams, balloons, and pin wheels.

- Up to 48 houses in three block, 16 homes per block.
- Can see with the map where the houses are using people's names.
- Toilets & urinals!! Mario stars, shells, & mushrooms!
- The woman to the left of Eguchi drew that apple as her 'Own Design' in the game.
- You can go to visit some people's villages that you've street-passed with. It's a 'dream'.
- Allows you to see how other people have set up their towns. When you have an internet connection, if someone you've street passed with has a Village number, (can search by name too) you can go into a new shop and visit their village. You can do stuff like cut trees and get fruit, but it doesn't affect their village.
- You can alter the look of City Hall, too.
- This is the sound director.
- This is the early morning theme. Second, the morning theme. Daytime theme now. Evening theme. Sky has changed color too and there's a diesel train running. And now the night theme. And now the late night theme.
- K. K. Slider, Saturday night live performances at the new Shisho's Club 444. Now for a new song. Shisho is dancing to the beat!
- DJ K.K. (K.K. Slider under a different name) performs on nights other than Saturday at the comedy club. 'House Nights' Includes NES Nights. 'Famicon Nights'.
- Can listen to the music on audio players in your house, like gramophones.
- Lots of new songs.
- Islands! The four of them are going to the island. Going by boat. A motor boat, headed by Kapp'n!
- A new song for the ride, too.
- Can get swimming suits the first time here, wearing it you can go swimming.
- Can dive for coral! Sometimes there'll be jellyfish.
- Find summer fish and bugs all year round here.
- Can trade medals got in mini games on the island to trade for the goods in the souvenir shop.

- Games are focused on Co-op.
- Tortimer appears as the Tour Guide, explains the games

- Each person has to search for their own type of fruits; mangoes, persimmons, etc.
- The faster you are the more medals you get.
- Can pick up fruits and drop them for other players in easier locations.
- This is 'Hammer', hit the little electric car.
- And that's it from the team - thanks to the staff.
- Iwata reconfirms download version; same as the retail version. Mentions the benefit of download versions.
- Official Animal Crossing twitter @doubutsuno_mori , will reveal new characters and items.
-Also, Wifi, local (2-4 players), 1 save file, street pass and spot pass.