‘The Walking Dead’ – Season 7, Part 2 – Sundays on AMC


Hunky Nostradamus
New episode tonight!

New Best Friends

On the search for a missing Alexandrian, Rick and his group encounter a mysterious collective, whose inhabitants are unlike any they have come across.
Tonight's episode was written by ? and was directed by Jeffrey F. January, who last wrote 6.6 "Always Accountable" (the one where Daryl first meets Dwight).

Tonight's episode will run 6 minutes past the hour.

The guest stars on tonight's Talking Dead are:

Chris D'Elia (actor, Undateable)
Seth Gilliam (Gabriel)
and a surprise cast member!
It sort of looked like the guy in the car with Gabriel popped up in the back seat. So I think Gabriel had a plan but meanwhile someone from the group at the end was spying, saw their moment and hid in the car. So Gabriel was then taken in by that group in some way

Edit: How did Negan know a horde would wander that particular way? Could that have not been set off by a lone walker?
The Saviors are really effective in that way. I imagine scouts probably caught wind of the herd and planned accordingly, just like Rick saw the potential for a herd to overrun Alexandria, and planned as well as he could in such sort notice to redirect them. Ricks groups even had pretty effective ways to redirect the herd with blockades and they would have been successful without the wolves attack. Negan was able to herd people well enough with several blockades, scouts watching the teams every move, and some planning of all possible routes. Noticing a heard of walkers and directing them into a trap doesn't seem out of their skill set and keeping organized tabs on walkers and taking care of them before they get close is actually extremely smart.

Also Rosita answered the second question. Wire was too tough for a single walker. It would have just tripped or something. But a herd would be strong enough to pull it and set it off.

So did Morgan just pull an Andrea? If he wasn't staying to change Zeke's mind I feel like he should have rejoined the Squad.
Morgan's been pulling an Andrea for a long time.
As much as Morgan annoys me, I'll give em this one. Him and Rick respects each other but they still don't see eye to eye and I don't blame him for feeling unwanted in Alexandria to some degree. He respects Rick enough not to constantly argue him on his philosophy but probably in some ways feel far more wanted and valued at the Kingdom. He's not really wrong. Plus I get the feeling that he wants to look after Carol who he care enough about to lie to Rick regarding her location. Andrea was just shit though.

I'm actually starting to get the impression some of the group might stay split up after this whole Negan business. Like the Hilltoppers obviously respect Maggie more than Gregory and I think she'll eventually take over. If she's there, then Enid is there which probably gets Carl there often enough anyway into the future. Morgan and even Carol might stay at the Kingdom as it matches their current lifestyle. That could be really interesting, giving Rick a really strong interconnect network of communities with Maggie being leader of one and Morgan an trusted adviser to another. I'm really interested with the possibility of that direction.
Definitely enjoyed the episode. The Carmageddon bit made no fucking sense but it was fun to watch! The scene lacked direction. Jesus and someone else making a dash for Hilltop. But didn't they just came from the direction of the horde? Rick mowing down the horde and then making it back into a completely surrounded car pushed it out of realm of believable.

It was great to see Rick smile..for the first time in series history? lol