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2014 FIFA World Cup |OT8| Brazi1 - German7

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venison crêpe

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New thread for the Semi Finals and Third Place match.


i kinda want to see bra arg final just for the meltdown and arg to win with messi hattrick, but i think germany's gonna take the world cup
grats to that dude who bet 5k on germany


This is going to fucking kill me.

My all time favorite team verses my favorite Euro team. I fucking can't.

I don't think Brazil has a chance, which breaks my heart, but Germany advancing would be really great. If they win this I think they have a chance in winning it all.

I really fucking hate that I'm going to be at work


No Neymar, Thiago Silva. It really does look like you'll win this one.

Can never play it safe and underestimate this sport, there is so much riding on these games now, I fully expect a game that will destroy my nerves from start to finish. A team that gets broken unites like you can't expect, but a team that has been pushed down over and over again at the final hurdle will have a desire matched only by the backing of an entire nation surrounding you.

This is an even contest no matter who can't play, we have survived our share of important injuries as well. I want to win, but I won't think of the final until I wake up from my heart attack later today.

Deutschland über Alles.

Edit: Above chart is ridiculous, such close statistics. Living in the US, it is late and I can't sleep, I am so full of anticipation and fear. I have so much to do starting in just a few hours. Ugh. This is going to be a crazy day.


Germans be prepared!

Win: You only won because Neymar and Thiago Silva weren't there.
Lose: lol you lost against Brazil B

As stupid as it sounds, expect to hear one of those 2 sentences after the match. As long as you win though, who cares what anyone says haha.

I personally think Germany will win.


Mia San Mia

fuck jaaaaaa


Whatever happens, I just hope for an exciting match. In that sense Brazil doesn't tend to disappoint, so tonight should be good.


Unless a miracle happens Brazil is totally going to get trashed today.

If the game is better than what the teams had shown in QF I don't mind Brazil winning though.


Oh man, I'm rooting for Brazil, but it looks like Germany will squash them. But still, anything can happen. I'm looking forward to the match this afternoon.


I hoping for an entertaining match. I'm rooting for Brazil and I'm looking forward to see their balls hitting the German goal.


“Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.”

„Fußball ist ein einfaches Spiel: 22 Männer jagen 90 Minuten lang einem Ball nach, und am Ende gewinnen immer die Deutschen.“

- Gary Lineker
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