2014 Microsoft E3 Conference

May 8, 2006
I'm not sure what people expected, but I found it to be a reasonably impressive conference. Multiple unannounced exclusives, multiple games shown with game play, nothing but games.

The only part I found weird at all was Alex from Harmonix, who sincerely sounded like he couldn't give a fuck.


great conference for me: games, games, games and games. no speech, no tv, no kinect, no services, no statistics, no performances, just GAMES

I also liked they way they planned it, from the games about to be released for this year, to the unannounced ones which seem to be beyond 2015.

I really missed Gears, or release dates for Quantum Break or D4. I think they needed more time, 90' felt short for all they have to talk about.

by the way, I expect MS announcing more details for the japanese titles, Scalebound, and D4, as I also expect them to announce new exclusive titles for the japanese market.

overall, great conference
Nov 11, 2010
I feel disappointed for some reason. I know most of those games will eventually turn out good, but I don't feel like playing a lot of them. Weird.

Games I liked: Inside, Blind Forest, Rise of Tomb Raider, The Division, The Witcher (the best one I thought), and Sunset Overdrive.

The surprise for me was obviously Kamiya. I didn't expect another Kamiya game so soon and I didn't expect it to look like THAT. Holy shit! It looked like MS sucked the personality out of Platinum Games! What the hell at Scalebound looking so damn generic. The protagonist reminded me of Phantasy Star Universe! Not good.
Apr 26, 2009
really? Surely it'll only sell systems to those with a big nostalgia and fond memories of Halo? And those will have been heavily invested in the 360 previously and are arguably the most likely to already have Xbox ones.
I think everyone who owned an Xbox/360 has fond memories of Halo. I haven't pulled the trigger just yet on the One and I've backed Xbox since the beginning. I think there's some more people like me who will be sold specifically cause of the collection
Jun 2, 2013
so anybody else agree that MS could've just pulled a Nintendo and make this a digital event showing all the trailers they did..

showing only games was all good and stuff but in my opinion it kinda destroyed the typical "conference" feeling.. if that's what E3 conferences will be like in the future than Nintendo had the right mindset
Oct 16, 2012
it was pretty shit apart, when one of your biggest games is a hd remake collection it's not a great conference

scalebound was a surprise though and crackdown maybe? but crackdown 2 was crap so fuck knows whether this one will be any good

no hope for dragon age being any good after 2

erm nothing else really notable, bunch of multiplatform games that will be enjoyed more on pc
I think Bioware put a lot more work into this one, so (hopefully) we won't see the same cave over and over and over again. I've given up on the tactical combat that I loved so much in DA:O. At this point I just hope it's a decent RPG.
Dec 5, 2012
Texas, USA
Yeah the problem with them showing off multiplats is that they will look and perform better on the competition. Kinda dampens things. Definitely too much CGI especially for a Platinum Game, show off that gameplay. Fable Legends looks cool but it doesn't seem like a Fable game. It was also spoiled by ntkrnl. If that was a controlled leak then I think it was a misstep. It hurt the conference since there were no surprises.
Aug 25, 2012
MS pulled a big mis-step to turn me away from the xbox brand and I was hoping I was going to see something that would light the blue touch paper.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed. Solid show but just unspectacular. I was waiting for that knock out blow but it just didn't come.

It was the definition of playing it safe
Dec 15, 2008
I like the tone of the presentation. I think they should keep that format. Its nicely paced, relaxed, and better reflects the industry.

Microsoft didn't really bring any surprises. I think showing Sunset Overdrive kinda sunk the other open world games in comparison. It was easily the strongest title on display in my opinion. I've never been too keen on Crackdown, but I suspect that title we'll see some new features as it will need them to compete in this day and age. Ori looked nice, and we saw a good deal of multiplats that will get us excited in the future. Platinum's Scalebound doesn't look too hot based off the CG trailer, but I will reserve judgement on that when we see gameplay as that's their strong suit. Inside looks intriguing...had a Schindler's List vibe. I never played Phantom Dust, but I'm interested in seeing how they cultivate that title in the future. I'm not a Halo fan, but the Playlist idea is pretty cool...hope others follow that when remastering their own series.

This is mostly stuff that took place pre-Phil...so I suspect most of these were in the cards already. And that is my other big takeaway, I think Phil sets a great tone as far as messaging for Xbox. It'll take some time before we can see where he takes the company. I think it was a solid presentation, but the exclusive content (the heart of the conference) is kind of up in the air as we didn't see much gameplay for a lot of them. We'll see how it goes..


Nov 30, 2013
Nothing better than people saying: "Meh, I'm not that impressed at least they talked about games" when that's exactly what they did last year too.

"Playing it safe" would be a much more fitting criticism.
I agree, it was very much so playing it safe. That could be a good and bad thing and we just need to hope the games are actually good.

Seems like most of what was announced is very far off.
Feb 17, 2011
Kitchener, ON
Wasn't too impressed, for the hardcore gamer they need to address the serious concern that the console is under-powered compared to the PS4.
Well, it IS underpowered. It's hard to address that while sticking with the existing hardware.
At least stripping out the abandoned Kinect (as of today) and getting their system down to price parity with Sony is a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, Microsoft seems to be in full reactive mode right now and not proactive. It's hard to lead when you're reactive.
That being said, I'm not sure Sony will have a game on par with the Master Chief Collection this year with how everything has been repeatedly delayed.
Nov 12, 2010
Felt like a safe conference mostly (opening with Call of Duty, numerous western multiplatform game appearances) but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It could have been like their conference in 2010/2011 which was littered with kinect bullshit, but it wasn't. I don't feel compelled to rush out to the store to buy a Xbox One right now after watching that conference but perhaps in a year or two.

Jun 6, 2004
On the plus side, there won't be a 15 minute Assassin Creed stage demo now at Sony's conference. Sunset Overdrive and the game by Limbo guys looked good. Most of these games at the end were 2016.


Neo Member
Mar 8, 2014
Seattle, WA
Sunset Overdrive general style and gameplay reminded me heavily of Rachet & Clank, definately can tell the Insomniac influence. Heck, even the mutants have similarities to the Chimera.

None of this is bad, I like me some Resistance and R&C.