2018 PC Screenshot Thread

Jan 18, 2018
I feel postpro massive overdose. Vanila F4 looks much better to me. But, whatever one likes.
In fact I wasn't moding F4 at all in terms of visuals as it is really nice looking game out of the box.
F:NV is a completly difrent story though.
Yepp, the ENB is very "postpro" heavy, comes with its own plugin for weather and very cool (creepy) dynamic "music" - It aims for a stylized horror movie look, and it reaches its goal awesomely imho (in game better than in screenshots). Really don't like the vanilla colors and visuals.
Jan 21, 2018
Bordeaux, France
Downsampling doesn't work? You could otherwise force SGSSAA with Nvidia inspector, the compability flag should be 0x000100C5

Incase you're unfamiliar with Nvidia inspector here's a guide:

Thanks! I have the DSR activated in the Nvidia control panel, and it work in others games but not this one sadly.
I'll take a deeper look tomorrow, and I'll try this with other games too if I can get good results!

Escape From Tarkov

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Dec 13, 2016

I couldn't believe but actually these screenshots were made on my old PC (which is the only one I had access to now) with GTX 650 1GB and on 720p I am playing that game on very high/ultra settings with stable 30-60 fps (depends on the map - Bespin for instance is constant 60 fps). I was suprised it even boot up the game.

Also after a break of almost half year from this game I am really suprised positively how many great single player changes there are itroduced - like many new maps, which I was playing in arcade before to but with mods.