2018 PC Screenshot Thread

When I used to take screenshots from Wolfenstein New Order and Old Blood I used hotkeys to toggle off hands and HUD:

bind "F1" "g_showhud 0"
bind "F2" "g_showhud 1"
bind "F3" "cvarrandom hands_show 0 1"
bind "F4" "cvarrandom hands_show 1 2"
bind "F5" "cvarrandom g_stoptime 1 1"
bind "F6" "cvarrandom g_stoptime 0 0"

But now it doesn't work in Wolfenstein New Colossus, any suggestions?

A game I really loved, with an amazing artstyle and ambience. It has something I've always wanted, a futuristic cartoon-ish open world, with flying cars and all, some kind of Futurama vibe with a lot of freedom and a really fun gameplay.
Too bad it passed under everyone's radar, it deserved way more success in my opinion (only 35k on steamdb).

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