80s style synth-pop/electro synth/cyberpunk music

The 80's Guy is one of my favourite YT channels

"New Retro Wave, Darksynth And Synthwave Radio 24H/7D ! Enjoy the vibes !"


I don't like vocals in my Synthwave, needs to be instrumental only
Thanks, that's pretty sick.

I didn't look too hard, but I thought this thread was purged. Glad I found it again, even though I don't post much in it.
What a wonderful thread!

I was at Guitar Center over the weekend, messed around on some drum sets then stumbled into the keyboard section. Probably spent an hour at a Korg MicroKORG Synthesizer just making 80s synth beats, I almost walked out of there with it but my girl said no lol.
One of those intense foot moving head bobbing songs. Love it.

Not exactly retro synth but its synth by very good talent on the Deadmau5 label mau5trap. Check them out (No Mana)

This song and the video mix from Equilibrium are amazing.