999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors out now for iOS in Japan

This new version removes the "escape the room" bits for people to focus on the story.
It also has higher quality graphics/music as well as a new flowchart option.
Note that this is Japan only for now, if you wanna purchase it you need a Japanese iTunes account, and keep in mind that none of the other games Chunsoft has have been released internationally so far.

iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id643235266
Official site: http://www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp/ssn-999/
Escape the room gone, AND only one screen (not even bothering to divide it on the display)...they couldn't have missed the point any harder if they tried.
How is
the twist at the end
supposed to work?
I thought all of these new changes are great, since even though I love 999 the puzzles always seemed like a way to backdoor a visual novel to people who would never buy one.


I thought my brain was done being blown by this game, it got me one more time.

*reads that they've removed the puzzles*

Huh? One of the best parts of the game are the puzzles. Especially "that" puzzle. >_<

At least Junpei has sprites now. The flowchart is kinda neat too.
That's just weird. The game was pretty much built with the DS in mind. And without the escape rooms, it's just a damn choose your own adventure book.
That didn't stop SE from porting TWEWY or FFIVDS to iOS, why would it stop Chunsoft from doing this?
So only the Visual Novel part remains, huh...? Well, it definitely could be interesting, especially since they added the flowchart, but still...

*sigh* And this thread reminded me that I'm an idiot. I know the most important plot twists of the game, but I haven't even bought it. I need to get that game soon.
Well...at least people get to experience the story!?
Not really. :/
Yeah, that's the funny thing about this port.
It really needs to be on a DS in order for the story to have the full impact. I mean, shit, how can the big moment work if there's no puzzles at all?
I am really curious how that certain part is gonna be done in this version. Plus the implications that go along with it.

The escaping parts really make the mood too. :/


Asks questions so Ezalc doesn't have to

No seriously, wat? Why would they do that? A fucking Wii U port would make more sense than iOS for this particular game!
So they cut the game in half? Bastardized version confirmed.

...Oh well, I guess more people will at least get to experience the game. I would have liked it to remain a DS exclusive though.

Flowchart in 999 seems pretty neato though I must admit.

...What is nonsensical about smartphones for a game like this? I think it's the perfect platform for visual novels/adventure games.
If it were any other VN I'd agree with you. But it's really really hard impossible to explain this particular game without spoiling anything.
Oooh, good catch.

I wonder if we can badger the Aksys folks here on how they feel this holds up to the DS original.
*tips hat*

Good news for me. I don't have a DS or PSP anymore and have being dying to play these games.
And I've heard the puzzles aren't very good anyway.
I was going to say "shit, and here I just bought the DS version", but looking at the reaction in the thread it looks like I actually made the right choice.