A small video game music collection for all gamers to enjoy!

While surfing the internet one day I came across a great flash-based music player filled with various tracks from video games and remix artists and I thought I might as well share it with GAF for all to enjoy! At the time of this post there are exactly 352 tracks from/of various games/remixes. The host apparently updates this list of great music periodically with new tracks.

Go ahead and give it a listen and share your favorites in the thread!

Hope you like this finding! :D

Lock/mock if old. Also, go easy on me this is my first thread on GAF.
Haunted said:
The list reminded me of the only good thing about MW2. Hans Zimmer is great.
I love Hans Zimmer a lot, but he only did the MW2 main theme while Lorne Balfe did the rest of the soundtrack. But I would've never noticed since the soundtrack is awesome.
Sora_N said:
Chrono Cross - Dream of the shore bordering another world

Brings back memories! I really need to finish that game...:lol
One of my best vg songs ever.

But damn how have you not finished CC...I feel violated just hearing that.


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Roar of the Double Dragon from Double Dragon II is pretty fucking amazing. Love that song.


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Nice, I went straight to "M" and found a few Metal Gear tracks. The Valkyria Chronicles theme is on there as well <3. "Those Who Succeeded" is really nice too.
Wow, thats one awesome collection. I forgot how awesome the Gerudo Valley music in ocarina of time was and the remix on there is pretty awesome.
Anything from Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Chrono Trigger.

Bayonetta - You May Call Me Father

FFXIII - Blinded by Light

Damn, there's too much good stuff here.
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Sound of The Wind

I haven't played the game in so long, but after hearing the opening notes my eyes actually started to tear up. You should all listen to it right now.

I keep finding hidden gems among the list every time I scroll through the list! Can't wait for the next update!
oh wow I forgot how epic the final boss battle to Secret of Mana was.. also the music, obviously. That was mindblowing.

also does anyone else not remember Total Annihilation having such bad ass music?
Sonic CD - Fresh Prince of Tidal Tempest

Spit my drink all over my monitor.

Super Metroid - Brinstar Overgrown with Vegetation Area ^_^


Great find man. Thanks for sharing!


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Host picked a good choice on the Unreal Tournament song. UNATCO needs to be added to the Deus Ex tracks though!