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After playing the beta will you be purchasing Battlefield 2042?

Will you buy Battlefield 2042?

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It seems that the beta for Battlefield 2042 has been quite polarizing. Personally, I love the gameplay and the new weapon choices. I think that the map is so big that it only works well with 128 players, but even then it still takes a while to encounter enemies. Definitely still some graphical glitches as well, but I hope for improvements in that spectrum. I'm a big fan thus far. What are your thoughts?


nah I can't justify it rn. By the time I may get around to it as I'm not totally in love is when it'll prob hit EA Play anyway
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One thing I dont like about BF respawns is you choose a spot and it plunks you in a random direction when you land. The maps are so big, it's hard to know which way youre facing.

In COD, the maps are so small you can remember every inch of it after a while. So even if it respawns you staring at a wall, you know instinctively where you are on the map and which way to head where you want.
Didnt try it but the fact that hackers are already in the mix no.

Unless they have an option for consoles only. maybe

so no vote
ignoring glitches/bugs and performance issues, the gameplay needs a lot of work. I couldn't in good conscience buy this. Ppl need to finally take a stand. DICE keeps putting out bad games. They've made 4 in a row now. And why would they stop if ppl keep accepting it.

This games not gonna be terrible. But its not gonna be one of the good BF games ppl still talk about. This all started with that crappy star wars game. Then they reskinned it and put out that dumbed down BattleField One and everyone ate it up. What happens is these games come out to hype, fanfare then all the websites give them great reviews. Then they move on to the next game. And the ppl left playing are just like wait.....this sucks? Then they move on. Why have none of these games had staying power??

And we wonder how these situations like Madden and (insert whatever other franchise that used to be good here) keep happening. How do we get here. This is how it happens. If u just keep accepting mediocrity. Keep accepting that the bar is getting lower. And the bar will continue to get lower.

hate to rant and be old man shouting at cloud. But time and time again i see this happen. All these great games from the mid 2000's just turn into slop over time.
they really need to look in the mirror. Slap themselves in the face. And delay this thing like another year or 2.

and find whoever made BF 2 Modern COmbat, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 4...and beg some of those ppl to come back. Because its highly apparent after those star wars disasters, BattleField One and Five......that whoever made those older games is long gone.


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For you GP/EA Play gamers, I think BF games come to the service around 9 months later.

BF1 and BFV came to the services the summer after. So if you arent that interested in buying it, just wait till summer 2022.


Nope. First BF I'm not getting at launch since BC2.

Classes are gone, hero operators are stupid, the attachment system kills strategic play, and the movement/shooting feels really weird. Say what you want about BFV, but the movement in that game was groundbreaking (the vaulting, momentum, sprinting while crouching, explosions knocking you on your butt if you're nearby). The shooting was fantastic too. Literally all they had to do was copy that and then look to BF4 for inspiration on maps and atmosphere.

I was so hyped for it too. They took off an extra year to make it than usual and the product is somehow worse. This looks like trash, and so does Vanguard. Looking like the year of the Chief to me, because that beta was fantastic.
For me the game seems to be lacking that identity and "soul" that the previous titles had. I remember the first time playing the BF1 beta being blown away by how immersive and impactful the gameplay was. This one just feels a bit cold even if its technically impressive with the scale. Really hope other game modes and maps give me more of that intense close quarters action I loved in the previous games. This map is way to wide open and lends itself to boring engagements and lots of running around.
Going to cancel my pre order (only pre ordered to play early) despite having fun in the beta. This game has such potential to be great. Lots of good design decisions. Think the map is just a tad too big. On other hand it's nice to not respawn and get killed from behind a second later.

The Hud could use a little work. What was wrong with bfv's hud? You always knew when u got a kill, assist, or other ways of scoring in that game. The movement and weapon handling feels good to me. The class system is great. You can change your class and load out with so much ease. Hopefully that won't lead to balance issues (don't think it will). Changing attachments on the fly is nice. I had fun in the attack helicopter.

Thought there would be more cool vehicles though. There are soo many annoying visual and audio bugs.

This games gonna be great a little further down the line when new maps, vehicles, etc are added and bugs are fixed.

The only potentially long term damaging thing is if the maps are too big for 128 players and if Dice is too slow to fix stuff. Thr game is coming in hot and I don't trust dice/ea to deliver on the GAAS aspect of things.
Absolutely! Have had a blast with the beta. The map is enormous, and it feels like you're entering little 'pocket' fights across the map. It's sick.

Agree that the HUD could use some work, can be a bit confusing to navigate through (Series X). I like the new class system. Took me a while to figure out how attachments work (you can do them on the fly). Game is also glitchy as all fuck, with textures dissapearing in and out of existence. It wouldn't be a modern Battlefield game without shit hitting the fan technical wise though.

The vehicles handle a little differently. Default view is 3rd person (you can change it to 1st person though), so that might be what's causing that. Overall though. Having an absolute blast with the game. Should be in day one or close enough to it.


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Yeah still buying it.

I had a good time despite bugs and some design decisions. I think with a few patches and depending on how the other modes and maps turn out I think it could be really good.

I'm insanely thirsty for a fun Modern setting online shooter and I can't fuckin stand Warzone right now so they have me by the nuts.


No, but I already likely wasn't going to unless it blew me away. It most definitely didn't blow me away in a good way.

This is just yet another example of why developers don't release demo's. I doubt anyone played this that wasn't going to buy it and then changed their mind to buy it.
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No. Glad they offered a beta but it made me realize these aren't my type of games anymore. I just don't enjoy the gameplay loop regardless of game quality. With that being said there were some design choices I didn't really like:

1. Fast movement and sliding: This feels good while you are moving, but it feels off when shooting someone zipping around that fast.
2. Enemy visibility is very poor. I struggle to find people directly in front of me pinging red on a map for some reason.
3. Map is too big and there aren't enough vehicles/ATVs scattered around the map. You cap a zone and have to either twiddle your thumbs until they try to recapture or make a 700+ meter trek to the next zone on foot, likely getting killed by an enemy you didn't see on the way.
4. Flight controls are horrendous compared to BF3 and BF4.
5. TTK feels inconsistent. I can't tell if it's too slow or too fast... probably due to spotty netcode.
6. The map has no real natural flow to it. Feels like mayhem and makes it pretty hard to work as a team. Large open areas don't encourage reviving either. I haven't been revived once in several hours of gameplay.

If they at least had a campaign I'd consider it, but as it stands I don't see myself putting a lot of time in a game like this. Maybe it's just nostalgia glasses but conquest somehow felt better in Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4.


Here's my take on BF2042, played on PS4 Pro.

- big battles are chaos, which is fun
- nice variety of ways to play, fun vehicles
- changing attachments & ammo on the fly
- ammo types are nice idea
- like the modern setting & tech
- audio quality sounds good
- grapple hook is fun, robo dog is fun
- ziplines are useful
- dynamic weather, the big storm was a cool moment
- the rocket taking off randomly in the match was neat

- switching into 3rd person when downed is dumb
- gunplay isn't great (yet its an FPS)
- bullet drop is weirdly inconsistent
- framerate is shit. bad.
- animation is janky and mediocre
- visuals are bad, in many ways
- depth of field effect is shitty
- audio mix is off, enemies don't make much noise (until your dead)
- specialists are dumb, just use classes
- when switching specialists, needs to remember last class used with it
- map is too big for 64 players
- shitty level design, not good for fun combat
- very few incentives for team play
- menu to deploy is annoying

And its buggy as fuck. Funny tho.

No way this game ships in November in a remotely polished state.

And maybe they should cut the PS4/XBO version back further in scope. IDK, but it looks bad. Tons of detail missing. Maybe they can improve that with time.

Definitely a skip until I get my PS5.
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It's rought right now, but that's why they delayed it. I'm pretty sure it will be good when it releases. If not, then I'll read reviews and see how it goes.

Right now, though, it's a yes.

...but not at launch. The day it launches is also the day Early Access of Endwalker begins and there's no way I'm missing that for anything.
Games got a lot of issues that need to be sorted first. I’m definitely getting it, but maybe not at launch because I don’t believe this is a 3 month old build. The BF3, BF1 and both Battlefront betas ran so much better than this one does and those still launched buggy, small bugs iirc and not a lot but still.


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Hardcore BF fan, so yes, however it won't be day one like in the past. I am going to need to see some post-launch impressions now, and even despite that may wait for some patches.


Heck no! After playing the beta I cancelled my pre-order. For a game with no solo or co op campaign, not much to it. Plays like a last gen game. Glitches out the butt. If I was going to buy this, may as well get the new call of duty instead. At least I know what I'm getting with cod
Even though the beta "wasnt final" , lets just say it doesnt even look close to the bullshots they provided with the reveal of the game. BF1 actually looks better graphic wise. The geometry at least in the map that was shown is so simple, and the amount of glitches and jankie movements tells me this game will need few more months in the cooker.


This beta has me at least interested. Before I was going to skip it.

I don't want to commit to the PC version yet. Because I'll be using a controller. But my friends are on PC.
If this was crossbuy between consoles and PC I'd buy it right now.


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No. I think maybe I've just outgrown the genre. I've never been particularly good at games like this and it felt like more of the same to me.

I hope you guys really enjoy it. Have fun!


Loving the beta on ps5, went to buy it and saw it was $69.99 for the reg edition which is bull shit. I'll wait a month for it to hit $40 instead.


I was super hyped before but after playing the beta I grew a bit unsure.
Performance is seriously lacking, at least on my machine. Frame stutters are really bad and that even on a 3080 + 5900X
I also really dislike this "special operator" idea. I hoped that you'd have your normal classes but could like unlock a spawn with them, kinda like heroes in Star Wars Battlefront work.
I don't like the current way because they already announced a Y1 pass with 4 new operators which then means that if you don't buy that pass, you're instantly behind depending on how OP they are.
Like Grapling hook already gives you a insane amount of mobility, I dread to think what else might come that just dictates the meta.

I had hoped for like a Battlefield 2 just in more modern style tbh.
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I need to see what the final product looks like. There is no chat, the map isn't active, the way points display looks off. I'd say the TTK is maybe a tiny bit too long. I just need to see more.

I'm not a big fan of the map in the beta, it's too big and lends itself to running around aimlessly. Especially when you can't look at a map. I'm hopeful a lot of this will be addressed on release.


One thing I dont like about BF respawns is you choose a spot and it plunks you in a random direction when you land. The maps are so big, it's hard to know which way youre facing.

In COD, the maps are so small you can remember every inch of it after a while. So even if it respawns you staring at a wall, you know instinctively where you are on the map and which way to head where you want.
Lol you have a map and compass constantly visible on screen.
You also will eventually know the maps and where to spawn to get back into the action quickly. Being in a half decent squad that stays in the action also helps.

Edit: To all the people that are saying BF1 was good! No it was fucking terrible and was the big fall of the series imo.
The spawning of vehicles in a menu and the general dumbing down was a joke.
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Probably not, at least not at launch.

I am not into the PVP online anyway. I will jump in if my mates are playing it.

Played a couple rounds through the BETA, it was cool but clearly still rough in some aspects.


From playing the beta, no. TTK is not battlefield. Feels like a mesh of COD/BF and I don't want anything about COD being in BF. If I wanted COD I would play it (which I do). Sorry, but I come to both games for different reasons, and BF doesn't need to be anything like COD. I didn't play BF5 because they did this change to the TTK, and I won't be playing this one unless they go back to BF3/4 levels of TTK.
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