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Amazon.ca: THESE are real Wii U boxes

Click each for the very high-res boxes.

To me this can't get anymore legit.

What's with the yellow? o_O

Edit: Template:



i like the boxart from the other thread more, but this looks okay. nintendo network logo is out of place


If true, I quite like it.

Though the blue + yellow can look a bit like the Walmart colors. Oh well, that's okay I guess.
That seems weird. I don't associate that teal/blue with the Wii branding at all. Not sure if that's the point or not though...


Bjergsen is the greatest midlane in the world
It's like we're moving backwards. What a horrid color scheme.
I don't like the yellow.

Off topic I don't like Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth: box art.

That Spiderman pose creeps me out. The whole things looks wrong.


Wii U's logo is blue, not white.

And the ubisoft icons aren't consistent (unless I'm missing something).

I think they're mock-ups.


Posted this in the other Wii U box art thread. I like the look of it except for the yellow like some other people but it's still ok.
If you look at the Wii U logo on each of those, you'll notice that there is artifacting on the exact same spot on each. They're not clean like the rest of the box art.

The M.O.B

A grey stripe under would make more sense, not yellow.

EDIT: Just realized there is a grey strip, but it's VERY slim and hard to see.
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