Amazon censoring Titanfall reviews - Must hit dat 5 stars rating.

01:09 Am London time:

1st before, 2nd after.

01:47 Am London time:

After Microsoft's youtube fiasco, comes Microsoft's/EA's review fiasco. Amazon is removing both verified purchased reviews and well written truthful reviews. Even though they have been already caught doing so today multiple times, they continue doing so.

They seem to remove reviews that emphasize on negatives (this may include a 5 star one) or significantly lower the product of the rating.

Edit 1: It may not actually be Microsoft's doing but it could be EA's. Or Amazon just went crazy (considering their usual pro-consumer stance). Of course they could just blame it on a server error or an algorithm or even aliens.

Edit 2:

Edit 3: Off dualshockers . This review for example was legit and has been removed (amazon verified purchase). Images provided: Here and Here

Edit 4: The biggest amazon thread/discussion about the issue: Here

Link to Reviews

Unfortunately I do not have time machine, and I cannot go back to screenshot and catalogue all the past "good" reviews. If a mod wants to, he/she may lock this thread.

After Microsoft's youtube fiasco, comes Microsoft's review fiasco. Amazon is removing both verified purchased reviews and well written truthful reviews. Even though they have been caught doing so already multiple times, they continue doing so.
This doesn't really prove anything.
Wow, made it to the first page before the train wreck hits...

Microsoft is getting super aggressive "shaping the narrative" around it's games... a little sickening.
Hmm, assuming those screencaps are in chronological order as alleged, it's curious that one of the five-star reviews was also taken down (96 perfect scores in the first cap, dropped to 95 perfect scores in the second).


relies on auto-aim
Post the reviews being removed and look at their user account creation dates, past reviews, etc

Would not surprise me if they have SOME reqs. after things like SimCity.

Easy to hate on EA, but not fair without more evidence.
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I think you're missed informed, overall the votes on the right were also lower I think for 5-star as well.

Unless Microsoft is censoring "too good to be true." Lol.

OP, did you take these pictures or what's your source?
Wouldn't be surprised if they removed reviews from people they can't verify have purchased the game. I wouldn't want my reviews section to turn into a fanboy battlefield like Metacritic.
Meanwhile at MetaCritic....

Welcome to console wars and astro turfing
Hi im a sony fan and i have not played this game....................BUT IT IS THE WORST GAME OF ALL TIME!!! Im here to tell facts not lies. Hahaha XBOX ONE SUCKS TOO!!!!!! Sony 4 life YAHHH YALL DON'TEVEN LIFT......YOU MAD BRO?
No no no... no console wars or astro turfing there. See, he even says he's telling facts and not lies!
They also removed one 5 star.
Yeah, I noticed that too.

Seems like they're just deleting reviews that are reported or get low user ratings or something. And unfortunately, most of those are the low reviews because most of the people on the review page are the fanboys who like a game.