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Amazon Delivery Driver Captured on Camera Intentionally Failing to Deliver PlayStation 5


Jan 31, 2005
It's crazy to me people would risk their jobs for a console. Many of us are trusted with thousands, what makes a 450 console worth throwing a job away.
Oh I can believe it. Apparently at my last job they made the mistake of telling one of the contract workers that the device we had him use to do his job cost us a couple of grand. That was probably a mistake since they often hired recently released felons. The work he was doing would have paid way more than that but he after he heard that he thought a better idea was to leave the job and take the device with him. Suffice to say if he tried to pawn it or sell it on ebay he'd be lucky to get a couple hundred bucks. A lot of people are terrible with long term planning especially the type that resort to crime.
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Darkness no more
Mar 5, 2009
My PS Direct, Walmart and MS store boxes all had labels on the outside that said what they were. I’m sure that doesn’t help with making sure your item doesn’t get stolen.