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Amazon priced match some of Walmart's Pre-Black Friday sale


Amazon priced matched some of the Walmart pre-black friday sale. While it's nothing like the Target sale, this is the only sale Xbox One buyers have.


Dead Rising 3
NBA 2k14 (Xbox One Only)
Forza 5
COD: Ghosts
Lego Marvel (Xbox One Only)
Battlefield 4 (PS4 only)
Madden 25 (PS4 only)


Just got an email from amazon saying they are refunding a portion of my Forza preorder since they are matching the $49 price. I didn't even ask for it; just another reason why Amazon is so awesome.

Wonder if I'll get another refund for DR3 since I preordered at the same time as Forza

edit - yep just got a 2nd email for a DR3 partial refund, nice
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