Amazons [devkit?] controller revealed by Brazilian FCC [Up: Additional Images]


Zatz said:
By way of an overseas regulatory agency, similar to our very own FCC, we continue to hone in on the elusive Amazon media streamer. As the story goes, a fall launch was delayed with the Roku Apple TV competitor now looking quite likely for March or April. Netflix and Hulu appear to be confirmed, as does a forked Android build – similar to what Amazon has done with their line of Kindle Fire tablets. Which makes gaming out of the box quite likely.

The wireless Bluetooth controller features a gaggle of controls, including both shoulder buttons and triggers, in addition to media playback transport controls. Additionally, the central radioactive-looking button taps into Amazon’s GameCircle - perhaps to evolve beyond merely a gaming app hub and into something more full featured akin to Apple’s Game Center or Xbox Live.


That is LITERALLY the devkit controller. If you think this looks visually bad, you should see the devkit.

And whoever took those images apparently didn't notice the "barcodes". Nice job announcing who you are to Amazon, guys.

EDIT: I should clarify that I know this because I've held one. I won't tell whose, but it's okay-ish comfortable. Handles are a bit small.
I'm surprised they actually made a traditional-style controller but if it's an accessory that makes more sense. But yeah that's pretty bad, looks like your typically 3rd party abomination. Seems nobody gets it right the first time.
That doesn't look overly encouraging, but as a side note, reading the original link, the not bundled part they state as speculation.

I'd swap out to Zatz site instead of Tech Crunch but I'm on a phone.
I dislike this design. It looks overly bulky and not very ergonomic. Which is a shame, because I think the Kindle is usually a paragon of good ergonomics.

I wonder why they wouldn't just release the set-top box and then support a couple of properly designed controllers.
Looks like one of Moga's more portable controllers (the name escapes me at the moment). It might actually be okay to hold, though I've never used my Moga for more than a few minutes at a time so I could be totally wrong.