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Analyst: "20 million PC gamers will switch to Consoles (XB/PS) within the next three years due to PC gaming being dead"

Jun 28, 2013
The article thinks there’s going to be a huge wave of pc gamers heading to consoles. What’s with all the “blahahaha pc gaming is dying LMAO” nonsense. What does that even mean.

I don’t see any Gameplay that can’t be done on console. Graphical fidelity isn’t the end all. Honestly I think Sony is going to be focusing on speed. Less loading. And because of PSVR 2 a lot of games are going to be aiming for 120fps. I feel that will win more PC gamers than 8K or ray tracing would.
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Jan 7, 2018
Reminds me to the bullshit PS4 and Xbox One will be the last consoles... consol gaming is Dead..


Feb 3, 2019
Consoles nowadays are just mid range x86 hardware in a cheap case. Its basicly only the OS that differs. The advantage are the exclusives if your into that. Il stick with pc, next one is going to be zen 3 16c/32t, AMD next-gen with 16 or more hbm2/3 @1tb/s. Nvme on pcie4.0 and possibly 32gb ddr5. Il get a ps5 at the mid or end of its gen when it has accumulated those ~10 SP exclusives i want. Best of both worlds, that is if MS doesnt come with more AAA games from the new studios. Infinite gonna be interesting atleast.