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StreetsAhead was nice enough to provide a translation of the Direct.

I think Cheese is not around again, so translations going here as stuff happens.

- Talking about the game, being mayor, building house, no firm goals.
- Eguchi, producer. Going to talk to devs.
-The man and woman were the game's directors, the other woman is a planner.
- Flowers will sparkle depending off if they've been watered.
- Can design roads - they added the character for 'road'. There's a camping ground, sometimes there'll be campers - villagers who don't live in your village.
- Villagers and visitors can buy items in the recycle shop.
- There's a pot plant and the other is a music album.
- The bench and clock were stuff she placed as mayor.
- When you sit in the mayor's seat, Shizue will come up and talk to you.
- Once you've decided what to build, go with Shizue to decide where. Then they'll show you what it will look like. Donations from villagers begin.
- Don't have to go back to mayor's office once building is placed.
- Can donate yourself.
- New item: megaphone. Can say a villagers names to get their attention by speaking their name into the 3DS microphone.
- The tanooki brothers will take turns each day to service the shop.
- Halloween goods sold because it's October.
- Different types of shoes, boots and socks.
- 2nd floor is the museum shop. The four doors lead to special exhibitions. You can set the special exhibitions yourself. Hawaiian Expo, Sushi expo.
- Tanooki Housing Real Estate. Buy parts for your houses outside.
- Can decide if you want to increase room numbers and where (1st flow left, right, 2nd floor etc)
- Shisho, comedian. Started a comedy club, Club 444. Can watch his comedy shows. He has spoken dialogue during this. Can decide your reaction.
- Take photos of your expression with good timing for best result in the photo booth. Many reactions/emotions to collect.
- This is the design leader, Takahashi.
- Talking about new items.
- Can alter designs at R. Parker's
- The redesign takes 30 minutes in this instance. Changed the design and wood.
- Can create your own designs
- Entire house of Tom Nooks if you want!
- Can turn designs into QR codes.
- Model Homes now. People met through Streetpass. These are the people she's streetpassed with. Sometimes they will give you things, like ice-creams, balloons, and pin wheels.

- Up to 48 houses in three block, 16 homes per block.
- Can see with the map where the houses are using people's names.
- Toilets & urinals!! Mario stars, shells, & mushrooms!
- The woman to the left of Eguchi drew that apple as her 'Own Design' in the game.
- You can go to visit some people's villages that you've street-passed with. It's a 'dream'.
- Allows you to see how other people have set up their towns. When you have an internet connection, if someone you've street passed with has a Village number, (can search by name too) you can go into a new shop and visit their village. You can do stuff like cut trees and get fruit, but it doesn't affect their village.
- You can alter the look of City Hall, too.
- This is the sound director.
- This is the early morning theme. Second, the morning theme. Daytime theme now. Evening theme. Sky has changed color too and there's a diesel train running. And now the night theme. And now the late night theme.
- K. K. Slider, Saturday night live performances at the new Shisho's Club 444. Now for a new song. Shisho is dancing to the beat!
- DJ K.K. (K.K. Slider under a different name) performs on nights other than Saturday at the comedy club. 'House Nights' Includes NES Nights. 'Famicon Nights'.
- Can listen to the music on audio players in your house, like gramophones.
- Lots of new songs.
- Islands! The four of them are going to the island. Going by boat. A motor boat, headed by Kapp'n!
- A new song for the ride, too.
- Can get swimming suits the first time here, wearing it you can go swimming.
- Can dive for coral! Sometimes there'll be jellyfish.
- Find summer fish and bugs all year round here.
- Can trade medals got in mini games on the island to trade for the goods in the souvenir shop.

- Games are focused on Co-op.
- Tortimer appears as the Tour Guide, explains the games

- Each person has to search for their own type of fruits; mangoes, persimmons, etc.
- The faster you are the more medals you get.
- Can pick up fruits and drop them for other players in easier locations.
- This is 'Hammer', hit the little electric car.
- And that's it from the team - thanks to the staff.
- Iwata reconfirms download version; same as the retail version. Mentions the benefit of download versions.
- Official Animal Crossing twitter @doubutsuno_mori , will reveal new characters and items.
-Also, Wifi, local (2-4 players), 1 save file, street pass and spot pass.
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Shizue - "Nice to meet you all! My name is Shizue! From today on I'll be showing everyone various things about Animal Crossing! I'll do my best to tell everyone considering moving to our village just how fun living in the village is!"

Shizue - "We don't have a mayor in our village yet, but a new one is scheduled to come very soon! I can't wait to meet the new mayor! By the way, our last mayor, Tortimer, is living a leisurely life on the southern island acting as a tour guide! I wanna go on a vacation, too!"

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YOU get a Nintendo Direct, YOU get a Nintendo Direct, YOU get a Nintendo Direct!

At this point they should just set up a camera in Iwata's office and have a 24-hour ongoing livestream.
Cool. It's great to have Nintendo Directs that are focused on single games or concepts. Instead of a Game of All Trades type of "main" Nintendo Directs...
Cool. It's great to have Nintendo Directs that are focused on single games or concepts. Instead of a Game of All Trades type of "main" Nintendo Directs...
Details tend to get lost with the bigger ones. These smaller ones are great for people who really want to know more about game specifics.
They really should just put out a monthly calendar showing which days are going to be Nintendo Directs. Only for courtesy's sake.
They should just announce when they aren't doing Nintendo Directs, and watch us all hype the shit out of that.

"Nintendo announces that for the first time in three weeks, there won't be a Nintendo Direct this evening."

And I was just fantasizing about how much better my life will be once this game is out earlier today!

Too bad this Nintendo Direct will just make the wait for the NA release way more difficult

*grumble grumble*