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Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – Quest of Memories launches June 20 worldwide (day and date with the Japanese release)


Source - Gematsu

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Quest of Memories will launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam on June 20 worldwide, publisher Bushiroad Games and developer Lancarse announced.

The dungeon RPG was previously announced for a June 20 release in Japan, but this is the first time Bushiroad Games has confirmed it will launch worldwide on the same date.

Here is an overview of the game, via Bushiroad Games and the official website:

■ Story

The story begins as Rudeus and Eris, who are teleported to the Demon Continent, join Ruijerd.

With more than just the classic scenes from the anime, new scenarios created for the game are also included! Experience the epic adventures of the Dead End members while taking on missions related to the original characters! What’s more… The undepicted adventure of Roxy and her team will be unveiled in the game!

How will you overcome the various challenges that fall upon Rudeus’s party?

■ Game Features

Episode of the Dead End

With more than just the classic scenes from the TV anime Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, new scenarios created for the game are also included for players to dive deeper in the adventures of Rudeus, Eris, and Ruijerd.


Advance your adventure while completing a variety of requests! Different quests await at each Adventurer Guild. Increase your adventurer level and complete the various quests.

World Map

New villages or fields may appear on the map as you progress in the story or requests! You can travel directly to the various villages and fields from the world map. Elements such as map completion and chest discovery rate are also available.


Journey through and complete the map while exploring in another world! You will be able to explore in first-person perspective through areas such as the Wilds and the Petrified Forest on the Demon Continent, as in the anime. Sketch out the whole map with the auto-mapping feature and indulge yourself in the adventure.


Defeat enemies with the magic or sword masteries of each character! You will need to battle against monsters as you progress on the adventure! The enemies that Rudeus has confronted in the original anime will appear as well! Get ready for turn-based combat that depends on magic casting speed and other strategic elements.

Roxy’s Episode

Roxy in a maid costume as the restaurant’s little helper! A management simulation mini-game where Roxy works as the restaurant helper in the villages. The undepicted adventure of Roxy, Elinalise, and Talhand, who are in search of Rudeus on the Demon Continent will be unveiled for the first time in the game scenarios!

■ Characters and Cast

Rudeus Greyrat
(voiced by Yumi Uchiyama)

The eldest son of the lower-class aristocrat Greyrat Family in charge of Buena Village located in the Fittoa Region in Asura Kingdom.

He was a 34-year-old unemployed shut-in who was kicked out of his family in his previous life. After an accidental death he found himself reincarnated, and then determined to live his new life to its fullest. From his childhood, he started his magic training through both self-study and also under Roxy’s tutelage.

After the Teleport Incident of the Fittoa Region, he ended up transported to the Demon Continent with Eris, and together with Ruijerd they form an adventurer party “Dead End”, with a goal to return to Asura Kingdom.

Eris Boreas Greyrat (voiced by Ai Kakuma)

The daughter of the mayor of the big city Roa in the Fittoa Region. She is a red-haired pretty girl with an incredibly short temper. She has a gift in swordsmanship, but is weak in her studies.

She studied with Rudeus before but then was transported with him to the Demon Continent after the Teleport incident of the Fittoa Region. The two and Ruijerd form an adventurer party called “Dead End”, with a goal to return to Asura Kingdom.

Ruijerd Superdia (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa)

A warrior of the “Superd”, a demon race also known as “Dead End.” He shares the same features as the other Superd people, including emerald green hair and a red gemstone on his forehead. He is a man of few words and has a stubborn character.

He helps Rudeus and Eris who are transported to the Demon Continent, and the three form the adventurer party “Dead End”. He aims to accompany the two and send them back to the Asura Kingdom.

Roxy Migurdia (voiced by Konomi Kohara)

A Water King Class Magician of the demon race “Migurd.” The Migurd species is known for their longevity, sleepy-looking eyes, blue hair, and a petite appearance even in adulthood. She was hired by the Greyrat Family to teach Rudeus about magic.

After she learns about the Teleport Incident of the Fittoa Region, she joins Elinalise and Talhand, who were Paul’s friends in the past, to search for Rudeus’s party.

Talhand (voiced by Hochu Otsuka)

A dwarf magician who was a member of the adventurer party “Fangs of the Black Wolf.” Due to his slow feet and non-existent agility, he uses magic underneath his bulky armor against the enemy’s attacks.

He joins Roxy and Elinalise in search for Paul and the others, who became missing after the Teleport Incident.

Elinalise Dragonroad (voiced by Rie Tanaka)

An elf warrior who was a member of the adventurer party “Fangs of the Black Wolf.” She likes handsome men.

She joins Roxy and Talhand in search for Paul and the others, who became missing after the Teleport Incident.

Sylphiette (voiced by Ai Kayano)

Rudeus’ childhood friend with elfish ears who live in Buena Village. Her nickname is Sylphy.

When she was a child, she was always bullied until Rudeus saved her and they became friends. She has an interest in magic and learns from Rudeus.

Ghislaine Dedoldia (voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi)

A beast swordswoman hired by the Boreas Greyrat family to teach Eris sword skills.She is muscular and wears an eye-patch on her right eye.

She was a member of the adventurer party “Fangs of the Black Wolf.”

Geese Nukadia (voiced by Youji Ueda)

A demon race known for their monkey-like face. He likes gambling, and while he was imprisoned by the beast race due to fraud, he met Rudeus in the same prison.

He was a member of the adventurer party “Fangs of the Black Wolf.”


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For anyone who missed the first thread

That's the trailer of gameplay, it's an old school dungeon crawler, which honestly fits the story arc perfectly as over a years worth of story is essentially skipped over where we only join the group for a few key parts, but know they became a renowned adventuring party in the demon lands at the time.
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