Animal Crossing: New Leaf |OT2| You Can Stack Fruit

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GameStop tends to print out promotional codes on your receipt now instead of handing out physical cards. When I used to manage a GameStop way back in the day, one of our most frequently stolen items was prepaid XBL time cards.

I assume that's a fairly common occurrence, and I assume the switch to printouts instead of physical cards was a response to that.

Sorely tempted to get a digital copy by trading in my physical one. Didn't because I still had a launch 3DS, now have an XL, so now that I do I'm going back through my catalog. Being able to swap between DK and AC without swapping would be neat.
Need more axes. Seriously, why do they break? Have oranges and pears, also Joans selling turnips at 90 bells

I don't have any axes, but I can bring you some cherries when I visit.

My friend code is 3179-6213-0647.

Give me a heads up once you've added me as a friend/opened gates.
Pretty addicted to this. I want to play the witcher1-2 and max Payne 3 and tomb raider and luigis mansion to clear out some of my back log, but nope! More fruit I needs more Bells please.
Alright turnip buying done. That took longer than I wanted. Hopefully someone here gets a good price and is nice enough to let me sell them there like last week. :D
You can get them right when they go over a cliff if you use your net.
If they're flying towards a cliff, get your net and wait either at the edge of the cliff or on a slope. When they start lowering as they go off the cliff edge, hit them with your net. Doesn't always work, and if they're over water you're shit outta luck, but beats waiting for Nooks to upgrade.
While you're waiting for the slingshot you can still take those things down: wait for the present to reach the cliff edge on the beach and swing your bug-net at it :)
Thanks for the tips. Just seems that the presents are nowhere near cliffs when I encounter them lol.
So, um, will perfect fruit just grow randomly? Someone took my perfect cherry on the first day and I haven't seen one since then. :p
It is random.

where the heck do you get pieces of art? I want to open a Museum Shop but I've only donated one painting.

And axes break, what the eff.
Usually Redd sells them and your villager might sell you one, both may be fake. Silver axes bought on the Island can take more hits and you get the golden axe by
buying 50 seedlings from the Gardening Store.
Does anyone else write letters to villagers as if you're a creepy pervert stalking them?
I may or may not have written a poem to Kyle and posted it on my bulletin board.

Dropped 300k on turnips this morning - my entire savings. Buying turnips is kind of a pain, honestly... but the potential profit should be worth my while.

Also got confused and planted a bunch of lychee trees on the beach. Yeah, don't do that. :(
Got a silver axe from the island. Woo! Don't need to wait for that stupid gardening store to have it anymore.

Also, bought 400k worth of turnips for 96 bells each. That a good price? Would have gone to someone else's town, but I woke up at like 11:45 and panicked.
Got a Fire Bar from the fortune cookie. For a second there I thought it was gonna be another Fire Flower. Keep on getting Mario stuff.

Finally was able to get a tv too. It's an older model with a vcr but at least it's something.
I love the feeling and atmosphere while walking around at night. It reminds me of Shenmue for some reason. The music that plays at night has this ominous tone to it that makes me think I should be sleeping. Overall this game makes me feel care-free and relaxing joy. It's so full of charm and class!
Bought 400 turnips at 91 bells ea.
Not too bad....

Looking forward to my big payday lol.

Also bought a brand new copy for my once skeptical girlfriend who is now hopelessly addicted.

What is the final amount of villagers a town will have?

Also, will a villager build a house over a public works project (like a fountain or well)? I want to get one villager to move out and place something in the home's place so no one else will choose that spot.
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