ANTHEM - Official CES 2019 Trailer.

Nov 12, 2009
It is really disappointing that anthem will not have pvp at launch. However, I totally understand the decision. The game does look great so far but I am still uncertain as to how different this will end up being compared to the 2 current juggernauts. Right now it looks like ME Andromeda but expanded and prettier
Jan 31, 2018
Have they shown anything running on console recently? I feel like the streams have all been done on PC. I have a PC and would love to see these features, but I don't have the hardware to get the most out of the PC version. I'll end up getting this on the X for sure and maybe the PC for streaming purposes. I would be really sad if it's not 60fps on the X.
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Nov 24, 2018
I wonder if they are aware of the indifference or “meh” reactions to their footage. Hopefully the demo they put out can show off what the game has to offer
I think most trailers get good views, reception and stuff outside the usual suspects based on not the game but EA/Bioware/Whatever, this one is a meh video just to show some nvidia tacked on crap and not that long after they had extensive mission gameplay footage to show off that looked pretty promising for the type of game it is (which is not an old school Black Isle style CRPG but an online co-op shooter). The game could release and prove to be a dud worse than Destiny 2 and have no name to drive it to at least some level of success given it's a new IP or it could be as cool as the best footage makes it look, Idk.
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